How To Send Nudes As Safely As Possible

First of all, let’s just get a few things straight. Sending nudes to someone you’re in a sexual relationship with (or want to be in a sexual relationship with) isn’t wrong. It doesn’t make you “slutty,” immoral, or any other negative adjective people like to apply here. You’re a grown woman and don’t need to explain yourself or feel bad about your decisions. However, if you’re going to do it, here’s how to send nudes safely because sadly, there are some a-holes out there who won’t respect you and your privacy.

Keep your face out of it.

As hot as you are, one of the most important ways to send nudes safely is by making sure your face isn’t in any of the photos you take. Your partner likely already knows what you look like, so they can use their imagination to fill in the blanks. This ensures that should your needs ever be leaked or uploaded online, they can’t be tied directly to you.

Make sure you have a neutral background.

Don’t take nudes in the middle of your custom living room or at a location that could easily be tied back to you. Keep things as neutral as possible, whether that means posing in front of a plainly painted bathroom wall or even on white sheets. This is another way of anonymizing yourself just in case the photos make it into the wrong hands.

Don’t send them to strangers or anyone you don’t 100% trust.

I realize that there’s no way to truly send nudes safely in a way that carries zero amount of risk, but making sure that you’re not sending them to some rando you just met on a dating app or someone you’ve only been out with once or twice will go a long way in protecting yourself. Make sure you fully trust the person to respect you and to keep these photos private.

Turn off your location.

When taking photos, don’t allow location services to pinpoint where you are. Even if it just gives a general location like a city or town, this can be traced back to you in weird ways. Make sure all identifying services like location settings are disabled before you take and send your naughty pictures.

Disable auto-upload.

This is a good rule of thumb even if you’re not sending photos you wouldn’t want just anyone seeing. Disabling auto-upload means your nudes won’t be uploaded to a cloud storage solution by default and instead will stay on your local device. This is so important for privacy because if someone were to hack your iCloud account, for instance, they could immediately get access to your nudes.

Use a secure platform.

Sure, no platform is 100% secure, but if you want to send nudes safely, try to send them using services you know are more likely to take consumer privacy more seriously. Snapchat is a good option since it doesn’t allow users to save images they receive. If you’re doing it via email (which… weird, but okay),

If your nudes are shared against your wishes, report it to the police.

Revenge porn is a crime and you don’t have to put up with it. If for some reason your nudes end up being shared against your wishes, report it immediately so the police can hold the person responsible for this reprehensible act responsible.

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