Workaholic Alert: How To Tell If You Love Your Job A Little Too Much

Workaholic Alert: How To Tell If You Love Your Job A Little Too Much ©iStock/vgajic

Ever heard the saying that you should “work to live, not live to work”? We generally spend around 40 hours a week working, sometimes more, so it can be hard to make time for everything else that life has to offer. But we’re working so we can have the nice home, afford the fun vacations, and be able to go out for dinner and drinks when the mood strikes. If we work so much that there’s no time to appreciate everything else, than what’s the point? Being a workaholic isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s always good to take a break once in awhile to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  1. You rarely see daylight (even during summer hours). When you get up it’s still dark out, and when you finally leave the office, it’s dark again. Hopefully you have an office with a window, or you might want to consider a vitamin D supplement.
  2. You have no casual clothes that aren’t pyjamas. When you aren’t dressed for the office, you’re either in bed, or getting ready for bed. Spending money on clothes that aren’t work appropriate is a complete waste of money.
  3. You always bring your work home on weekends. Why waste two perfectly good days not getting any work done?
  4. The stress of being away from the office puts a damper on your vacation time. You can practically see the pile of work on your desk toppling over while you’re away. How can you relax on a beach when you know people are probably having their urgent emails bounce back because your inbox is full?
  5. The night janitor in your office building gave you a birthday card. He feels bad for you because he assumes since you’re always at the office you have no family, friends, or life.
  6. You didn’t notice your friends stopped inviting you to happy hour until… just now. You declined, or cancelled so many times that they just gave up. It’s probably for the best anyway, who has time for a hangover?
  7. You keep a change of underwear in your purse in case you pull an all-nighter at your desk. Some people might keep a spare top just in case of an unexpected walk of shame into the office. But you just want to make sure your under garments are fresh for another long day of being chained to your desk.
  8. You told your mom to email you at work if she has something important to talk to you about. Calling you at home is pointless. You don’t check your cell phone that much when you’re at work. But your work email is always open, so there’s no way you’ll miss that. It had better be important though.
  9. You agreed to a blind date, and then forgot to go. Your momentary interest in finding love was eclipsed by a new project at work, but calling to cancel completely slipped your mind. You don’t even bother explaining, or trying to reschedule when you see his “???” texts later. Why bother?
  10. Your cat is afraid of people because she’s so used to being alone all the time. She’s pretty self sufficient. As long as you clean out her litter every few days, and keep her water bowl topped up, she doesn’t even care you’re gone. When you are home, she hides under the bed. If it wasn’t for the litter box needing cleaning, you’d wonder if she was still alive at all.
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