How To Watch Your Ex’s Instagram Stories Without Him Knowing

When you break up with someone, the obvious best course of action is to go no contact and try and move on with your life. But let’s be real — most of us don’t do that. We want to know what our exes are up to and the easiest way to do that is via social media. The problem is that they can see that you’re spying on them, which is super annoying. Thankfully, there is a way to watch someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing — here’s how.

Natalie Louise, who posts on TikTok as @wanderlusqt, is doing God’s work by sharing a foolproof method to be able to spy on your ex’s Insta Stories without them ever finding out. How? “Basically, you view it as a ghost; they’ll never know you watched it. They won’t be able to trace you,” she says in a now-viral clip.

The video, which now has more than 1.3 million views, spans 3 minutes and covers exactly how to see what your former partner is up to online. However, she’s quick to point out that you probably shouldn’t be doing so for your own well-being. “I honestly didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want to trigger people. So if you are healing and you’re distinctly not watching the story because you’re in a healing phase, please don’t use this tool,” she offers by way of introduction.

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Assuming that you’re a glutton for punishment and want to proceed, Natalie reveals that you just have to go to the Instagram Stories Viewer website. There, you pop in your ex’s Insta handle and voila, you’re able to watch what they’re posting without them being any the wiser.

And if you’re thinking there’s no way it works, Natalie promises that it does. She even tried it with her own handle to make sure. “I’ve posted a story and then watched my story using this tool. It didn’t show up as someone watching my story. It literally showed up as 0,” she says in the video.

Even if your ex has blocked you, you can still watch their Instagram Stories with this tool, she says. She even claims that you can watch the Stories posted by profiles that are private, which seems like a major security issue that needs to be fixed.

And while Natalie offers the tool to fuel your obsession, she does advise against using it very often (or at all). “This tool probably get you even more addicted to [a former lover] if you continuously watch their stories anonymously,” she admits. “You get stronger when you distinctively choose not to watch a story. You will heal and remove him from your life much faster.”

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill