Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Flowers To Make His Blind Wife Happy

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to let the little gestures of affection fall by the wayside even if you really do love your partner. However, after 30 wonderful years of marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki from Shintomi in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture have kept the romance alive in the most wonderful way: flowers.

  1. Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight when she was 52. The couple got married in 1956 and after many years of hard work, they planned to spend their retirement traveling and generally enjoying life. However, they were forced to rethink their plans when Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight in the course of a week due to complications from diabetes, according to RocketNews24.
  2. She fell into a state of depression. Having her life plans change so dramatically due to such terrible circumstances made Mrs. Kuroki feel extremely down and depressed, and her husband wanted to do something, anything, to cheer her up.
  3. Then Mr. Kuroki had an amazing idea. Many people in the area admired the Kurokis’ beautiful pink shibazakura flowers, also known as moss phlox, in their small garden, so Mr. Kuroki thought that if he planted some more flowers, even more people would stop to admire them, which would make his wife happy.
  4. Mrs. Kuroki might not be able to see the flowers but she can smell them. The flowers smell beautiful, which is enough to make Mrs. Kuroki smile, especially given the fact that her husband is the one who’s spent the past two years planting them for her.
  5. Up to 7,000 people visit the Kurokis’ garden every day. And if you’re in the area, you could be one of them. You can stop by with your significant other and not only smell and see the beautiful flowers that Mr. Kuroki has planted but also think about just how wonderful true, long-lasting love can be.  If that’s not enough to warm your heart, I don’t know what is.
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