I May Not Be The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room But I’m Real

I may not be the most beautiful woman in the room, but that’s okay. I make mistakes and have plenty of flaws, but I’ve learned to embrace them and improve upon them rather than tear myself down. I may not be perfect, but I don’t want to be perfect — I’d rather be real. After all, that’s one of the things that make me such an amazing catch.

  1. I won’t sugar coat the truths you’ll need to hear. If you ask me for my opinion or what I think the best solution is to a given problem, I’m going to offer you the brutal truth. I won’t tell you anything just to stroke your ego; I’ll be honest with you because I care. A true partner in life is going to give you the facts and is going to push you to be the best version of who you are, even if you’re afraid to acknowledge it yourself.
  2. I’ll speak up for myself, even if you don’t like hearing it. If you talk down to me or treat me like your emotional punching bag after a long hard day, I’ll pipe up and tell you where to take your attitude. I won’t be the quiet girlfriend who lets you take stuff out on to me — I just won’t have it. If you want a real woman who knows her value, I’ll be that woman. If you want a defenseless girl you can control, I’m not the one for you.
  3. My body is flawed, but it’s mine. There will be days and months where the stress of life takes over. My weight will fluctuate and my curves will change. I won’t ever look like a Victoria’s Secret model but I also won’t ever stop trying to be the best version of myself possible. I’m sexy because I’m okay with who I am right now, and the right guy will look at me like I’m the most beautiful woman for him, even if I don’t exactly meet society’s standards of beauty.
  4. I won’t pretend to agree when I don’t. When you want me to agree with something that I don’t believe in, I won’t pretend that I do. Instead, I’ll celebrate our differences and open my mind up to your side of the story, even if I feel differently. I don’t want a partner who’s a carbon copy of me; I want someone who respects and enjoys our differences and loves me even if we don’t always agree on everything.
  5. I’ll make plenty of mistakes, but I’ll aim to be better. I’ll mess up sometimes — that’s life and it’s inevitable. I won’t always say or do the right thing, but I’ll never stop trying to put a smile on your face. If I can’t win you over in some ways because I’m staying true to myself, I’ll make up for it in others. We won’t be the perfect couple, but we will be real and our love will be honest.
  6. I’ll always be honest, even if it hurts. I won’t cover up the ways that I’ll hurt sometimes. I won’t tell you I’m fine when I’m not and I won’t avoid any of our issues in hopes that they’ll resolve themselves. If we’re going to do this thing together, we’re going to do it all the way, through the good, the bad, the ugly and the pain. If you’re still trying, I’ll be trying too.
  7. I’ll have some bad days, but the good ones will outweigh them. Everyday won’t be perfect with me. We’ll have some amazing days where everything is packed with fun and laughter, but there will also be days where I’m trapped in my own mind, or where I don’t feel the energies to be as positive as I might normally be — I’m only human. If you can accept the bad days, I’ll make sure the good ones are imprinted in your mind for eternity.
  8. I’ll stay in support, as long as you’re trying too. If you can handle the ways that I’m not perfect, I promise that I’ll be there for you on all of your bad days too. I won’t run from your struggles; instead, I’ll embrace them as my own and help you to fight through them as a real love should. If you’re with me, it’s because you’re not perfect either — you’re real and you share the same real life struggles as I do. That’s what matters.