Identical Twins Poured Fuel On Themselves Then Tried To Blow Up Gas Station

Identical Twins Poured Fuel On Themselves Then Tried To Blow Up Gas Station Kent Police

A pair of drunk identical twins poured fuel all over themselves and then tried to blow up a gas station in Kent in the UK. Brittany and Bethany Lee, 23, turned up to an Esso station in Kent in the UK at around 3 a.m. and doused themselves in gas from three separate pumps while on a drunken rampage. Police were called shortly after, but the girls wouldn’t go down easy.

Kent Police

  1. Brittany and Bethany have lengthy rap sheets. Together, they have more than 80 offenses against them as well as 40 convictions. However, their most recent stunt was one of their most dangerous and one Canterbury Crown Court felt was punishable by time behind bars.
  2. This crime was deliberate and dangerous. Prosecutor Vishal Misra told the court: “Officers were made aware of Bethany and Brittany being at Lakeside petrol station in Canterbury. They stated in a phone call to police they planned on killing themselves and blowing the petrol station up. Bethany Lee said she was seeking to set herself on fire and also the Esso petrol station.” Thankfully, that didn’t happen and no one was hurt. However, Bethany was “seen with a lighter, trying to discharge the lighter” when police arrived and had she succeeded, it would likely have been disastrous.
  3. There was no excuse for their behavior. Psychiatrists evaluated Bethany and Brittany and determined neither have psychiatric issues that would explain their behavior. While their lawyer attempted to claim that the twins were emotionally unstable and had self-harmed together, their “destructive alliance” didn’t go over well with Judge Mark Weekes, who condemned them for their crime, which was “in large part a desire to seek attention.”
  4. Brittany and Bethany Lee were sentenced to three years and nine months behind bars. The sisters pleaded guilty to attempted arson with recklessness as to whether life was endangered. Judge Weekes told them: “You ran the risk of killing yourselves, of killing the other sister, or maiming yourselves, or the other sister, or those in the filling station. It must have been a very frightening time for all concerned.”


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