Identical Twins Test Whether Their Kids And Dogs Can Tell Them Apart & It’s Super Cute

Sammie Nowakowski and Stephanie Buckman may have different personalities, but they’re identical twins who can be very hard to tell apart when wearing the same clothes. While most of the family knows who’s who, the sisters decided to test to see whether their kids and their dog could pass the test in choosing the right parent/owner. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the results were hilarious.

In a video posted to their TikTok channel @thetoxtwins, Sammie and Stephanie sit on their front porch wearing identical clothes with their hair styled the same way. They then both hold their arms open to see if Stephanie’s son Noah will be able to pick out his mom.

Noah gets it right in the first round, but when the twins switch places and get Noah to try again, he has no idea which one is his mom. Sammie’s daughter Maddie fared a bit better and was able to find her mom right away. Same goes for Stephanie’s dog Milo, who knew his owner immediately by scent.


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The video racked up thousands of likes and dozens of comments from viewers who loved seeing the adorable, lighthearted experiment play out.

“The only difference I see between you is your eyes are slightly different shapes and you have different smiles. But man it’s so close,” one viewer wrote. Others were amused by how confused little Noah seemed during the test.

Sammie and Stephanie have always been extremely close. In addition to being identical twins, they also work as aesthetic physician assistants at the same med spa, are building their dream houses right next to each other, and met their husbands on the same day. They even both have 22-month-old children born three weeks apart. Now that’s close! It’s clear they’re not just sisters, they’re also the best of friends. Love them!

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