If You Really Want To Upgrade Your Life, Say Hello To These 10 New Habits

If You Really Want To Upgrade Your Life, Say Hello To These 10 New Habits

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you’re not making strides in achieving your goals or your relationship’s hit a dead-end and you don’t know how to turn things around. Ugh. But, the thing to remember is that it happens to everyone at some point. The key is to know how to get back on track. Instead of slipping back into your old habits that clearly aren’t working for you, here are 10 new habits to try that will give you the energy and enthusiasm to upgrade your life while boosting your happiness.

1. Start A Workout Routine.

What benefit will exercise have for your relationship or career, you ask? Well, here’s the lowdown: when you commit to exercising daily, it helps you deal with negative feelings, boost your endorphins, and clear your mind. It’s a great way to pound out your daily frustrations so you have a healthy release for your feelings. And, let’s not forget, exercise helps to keep illness at bay so you can live your best life.

2. Sign Up For A New Class.

You should never stop learning as it keeps you creative and sharp. So, why not start a new online coding course or learn a new language? Or, take a dance class in your neighborhood! Whatever you choose to do doesn’t really matter. What’s more important is being open to learning new things and exploring different parts of yourself.

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4. Set Exciting New Goals.

If you’re focused on achieving your current goal but you’re chewing off your fingernails  because you don’t know how to make it work, you could do with setting a new goal or tweaking your current one. Try something different to open your mind and see things from a new perspective. It’s way too easy to get stuck in one way of doing things, but now it’s time to shake it up!

5. Start A Daily Self-Care Routine.

As you know by now, self-care is different for everyone. What makes you feel restored? Is it a bubble bath, a session of crystal healing, or a walk outdoors? Whatever makes you feel restored and healthy, do it daily so that you recharge your batteries and manage your stress better.

6. Ground Yourself.

Being more mindful can also manage stress, but it prevents you from losing the beauty in the moment (which, let’s be honest, is something we should all stop doing). An easy way to encourage greater mindfulness wherever you are is to focus on five things you can see in your environment, four things you can hear, three things you can smell, two things you can touch, and one thing you can taste. This makes you aware of the moment and helps you remember to breathe. Enjoy where you are in your journey – it’s not just about the destination!

7. Have A Positive Thought Crash Course.

It’s not easy to stay positive but what are you thinking about all day long? If your thoughts are filled with negativity and self-criticism, you’ve got to shake them out of your head RN! They’re not serving you at all, and could be keeping you stuck in a dead-end situation. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and see what happens. At the very least, you’ll feel empowered instead of frustrated about your future.

8. Do One Crazy Thing Every Week.

While you’re being disciplined with small tasks, it’s also important to branch out and do something crazy every now and then. What’s a fun thing you can do once a week that will take you out of your comfort zone and remind you to stop and have some fun? Maybe it’s dancing at a new club, making a new friend, or trying an adrenaline-filled sport. Or, say “yes” more to things that take you out of your comfort zone.

9. Be Consistent With Small Things.

It’s not always easy to remain consistent, especially when life is stressful and you’ve got tons on your plate already. Go back to basics! Keep things simple by focusing on things you can be consistent with. So, if you’re trying to achieve a goal, dedicate 10 minutes to working on it so that you can fit it into your daily schedule. If you’re trying to be healthy, work out for 10 minutes if you can’t commit to an hour-long workout. Small changes go a long way to helping you achieve your goal and keeping you motivated.

10. Unplug Yourself.

If you’re walking through life with your nose stuck to your phone’s screen, you’re missing out on the world around you. Being addicted to social media prevents you from being productive. Unplug your devices and leave them at home sometimes. You won’t die, I promise. In fact, you’ll make organic connections with others and prevent social media from breaking you down with its unrealistic ideas that keep you trapped and prevent creative thinking.

11. Start An Acts Of Service Journal.

You might already be scribbling in a gratitude journal, which is awesome, but start a journal to record acts of service. This is a journal you keep about the good deeds you do for those around you so you remember the importance of helping others. This is the stuff that enriches your life while boosting your feel-good hormones. So, volunteer at your local retirement village or hospital, or help raise funds in your community for the less privileged. There are tons of ways you can help others, even if you don’t have lots to give.

Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.