I’m Always Unapologetically Myself, Even If It Scares A Guy Off

I’m Always Unapologetically Myself, Even If It Scares A Guy Off ©iStock/Tinatin1

It’s not my job to convince a guy I’m fantastic (which I am), it’s only my responsibility to be 100% myself and be completely okay with it. If a guy doesn’t like me, passes judgments or makes assumptions about me without knowing my whole story, he can see himself out. I’m unapologetically myself, even if it scares a guy off.

  1. I’m comfortable with who I am. I’m not shying away from who I am for anyone, especially not some guy I hardly know. Just like anyone else, I am who I am because of my experiences. I’ve overcome a ton of obstacles to be who I am today and if a guy doesn’t want to take the time to learn the whole beautiful truth about me and judges me on surface facts only, he can GTFO. I’m not living to please him.
  2. If he doesn’t like me for me, he’s not the right guy. There’s a reason why I always hear people preaching the point that if he’s the right guy, the details won’t matter.  As cliche as it sounds, it’s the absolute truth. I want to be with the guy who likes every single detail about me. The right guy needs to love me for ME — period.
  3. It weeds the losers out sooner. I’ve wasted so much time “playing it safe” with guys for way too long, only to always come to the conclusion that they weren’t “The One.” I’ve learned that it’s better to be myself right off the bat to weed the weak out sooner — even if that means that the innocent dating stage is pretty non-existent, I would much rather get the superficial details out of the way sooner and make room for the person who will stick around. I don’t have time for any more judgmental losers.
  4. I don’t have the energy to be fake. Being fake and playing it safe is actually exhausting AF. Why would I want to continue to be that girl who holds my emotions back or keeps my lips sealed when a guy does something that pisses me off just to avoid scaring him off? What exactly does that accomplish besides driving myself crazy? Being who I truly am isn’t just easier, it also makes me feel way better about myself, which in turn brings only my best self out in the relationship.
  5. I know myself and love the person I’ve become. I’m no longer ashamed of who I am. I realize it’s more important to have people in my life who like me exactly for who I am than to be a character chameleon and only act a certain way to please everyone else. I am my own person, unique in every way and I’m happy with that. When a person is truly secure with themselves, they don’t sugar coat their personal truth. I refuse to hide who I’ve worked hard to become.
  6. I want him to be himself, too. I wouldn’t want to date a guy who was faking it, so I give that same respect upfront. When I show who I am unapologetically to a guy, I hope it invites him to do the same thing. I want a guy who’s comfortable and confident in who he is and what he wants.
  7. I feel most confident being exactly who I am. There’s no better feeling than feeling my most confident self, and I’m never going to feel that way when I’m hiding or faking parts of who I am. When I laugh like a hyena or state my confident opinions on a subject, it makes me feel amazing because I’m being my weird and amazing self. I’m not living to please anyone else.
  8. I’m too old for this crap. I’m totally over the fake crap that comes with modern dating culture these days. I’m not going to waste a moment acting and working towards portraying a false sense of perfection — I won’t buy into it. I’m too old, too smart and too exhausted to give a crap. The right guy will love me even if I’m not perfect. The right guy won’t be scared off when I’m unapologetically myself.