International Delight Has S’Mores Coffee Creamer That Makes Your Morning Brew More Like Dessert

International Delight Has S’Mores Coffee Creamer That Makes Your Morning Brew More Like Dessert International Delight

While I usually prefer my coffee as dark and as bitter as possible, I’m also not against enjoying a more decadent beverage that has a little more oomph to it, so to speak. Now that International Delight is selling a s’mores coffee creamer, I’m feeling pretty inspired to create a super dessert-y coffee to add a little extra punch to my morning brew.

  1. They’re already selling pre-made S’Mores iced coffee. International Delight released their pre-made s’mores iced coffee earlier this year, and while it’s quick and convenient, sometimes you just want to make your own. Thus, their s’mores flavored creamer is a good option and it’s back on store shelves just in time for Memorial Day.
  2. Summer is almost officially here so the timing is perfect. International Delight brought their s’mores creamer back just in time for the beginning of the warm, sunny season we all love. When you think of summer, s’mores have to be one of the first snacks that come to mind. Who doesn’t have memories of sitting around a campfire on a warm summer night, toasting marshmallows over a fire and smashing them with chocolate between two graham crackers? C’mon!
  3. They even added some patriotic packaging! The red, white, and blue design on the packaging makes me think this version of s’mores creamer will be around for the next couple of months – don’t forget we still have Independence Day ahead of us too on July 4! International Delight wants to get us all in the patriotic spirit, it seems!
  4. It goes perfect with coffee. Black coffee on its own can be quite bitter (but in the best possible way), so mixing the flavors of s’mores, albeit in creamer form, just works. Chocolate and coffee? Perfect! Marshmallow and coffee? Yup, we’re on board. Graham cracker and coffee? Never tried it but enjoying a cookie with your coffee is a common thing so this works too.
  5. Get your International Delight s’mores creamer anywhere groceries are sold. Seriously, this is pretty widely available, so you should be able to find it pretty easily. Here’s hoping!
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