Italian Police Deliver Kidney To Hospital 300 Miles Away In 2 Hours Via Lamborghini

Italian police miraculously managed to transport a kidney to a hospital more than 300 miles away in just about two hours while driving a Lamborghini Huracan. While that may not seem like such a big feat, consider the fact that the journey usually takes about six hours. I guess the fact that the Lambo can go up to 145 miles per hour (and that the police can’t be stopped for speeding) makes a big difference!

  1. The Polizia di Stato purchased the Lamborghini specifically for tasks like this. The force got the Huracan back in 2017 and customized it with the police insignia so that the vehicle could be used in urgent and time-sensitive operations like this.
  2. The Huracan was outfitted for the job. The car had been fitted with a refrigerated trunk and a defibrillator, making it the perfect choice for operations like this. It’s also likely more economically and environmentally sound than using a helicopter.
  3. The force posted a video online of the journey in action. The kidney was transported from Rome to Gemelli University Hospital in Padua and will now be given to a patient who’s desperately in need. The videos showing the car in action make it look like a pretty smooth ride!
  4. While it may seem like an unnecessary mode of transportation, at least it’s effective. Hey, whatever works, right?
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