Jaden Smith Says Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced The Family To Psychedelic Drugs

Jaden Smith Says Mom Jada Pinkett Smith Introduced The Family To Psychedelic Drugs Instagram/jadapinkettsmith | Instagram/jaydensmith

It goes without saying that the Smith Family is a bit of an eccentric one, and not just in Hollywood terms. They’ve always been very (some would say too) open about the ins and outs of their lives, leading people to think “WTF?” on more than one occasion. However, the recent admission by Jaden Smith that his mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, introduced the family to psychedelic drugs is really on another level.

Jaden said at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver last week that while most members of the family, including sister Willow and dad Will Smith, had managed to explore the drugs on their own, they had Jada to thank for bringing them in and “making that step.”

“I think it was my mom, actually, that was really the first one to make that step for the family,” he explained. “It was just her for a really, really long time and then eventually it just trickled and evolved, and everybody found it in their own ways.”

Jaden Smith is a big fan of psychedelics

Jaden Smith went on to say that psychedelics seriously helped him bond with his siblings, 22-year-old Willow and 30-year-old Trey, since it allowed them to overlook the pettiness and find greater purpose in their relationship.

“Siblings can argue so much and fight so much, and lord knows me and my siblings have done so much of that in the past,” he explained. “But the level of love and empathy that I can feel for them inside of the [psychedelic] experiences and outside of the experiences has been something that’s profound and beautiful.”

Jada Pinkett Smith has been pretty open about her use of psychedelics, saying that “plant medicine” is ultimately what helped her get to a good place in life.

“I struggled with depression for so long. And the thing about the plant medicine is it helps you feel better but also solves the problems of how you got there in the first place,” she said on a 2021 episode of “Red Table Talk.”

However, she admitted it’s not for the faint of heart, adding: “You have to really wanna do it, this is not for play. You have to be willing to confront some hard stuff. It is very healing and it has changed my life.”

It looks like Jaden Smith and the entire Smith family will be using psychedelics for life!

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