Joe Exotic Condoms Exist And They Offer ‘Big Cat Protection’

Given the runaway success of Netflix’s Tiger King, it was only natural that merchandise for the show and its infamous stars would start popping up. However, I’m pretty sure I’ve found potentially the best commemorative (and functional!) item ever: Joe Exotic condoms*. Yes, they exist, and hilariously, they provide “big cat protection.”

They’re “Tiger King-sized.” How big is that, you ask? “Not that big, according to Jeff,” say online retailer Firebox, the company behind the Joe Exotic condoms. They’ll help “keep your Maldonado Passage disease-free,” they explain.

No, they’re not official merchandise. While they are real condoms and are totally usable, they’re not actually associated with Joe Exotic, Tiger King, or Netflix in any way. However, there is a nifty little cartoon drawing of Joe and one of his tigers on the package, so it’s still a fun novelty item to have.

You get four Joe Exotic condoms per order. That’s “one for you and your two husbands and a spare,” the item description teases. It doesn’t seem like very many, but let’s be real: how many Joe Exotic condoms do you really need? (That’s a rhetorical question – don’t answer it.)

They only cost about $12.50, so what do you have to lose? Sure, $12.50 might seem a lot to pay for a novelty item, but it’s actually a really hilarious and fun idea for the Tiger King lover in your life. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or a friend who got totally obsessed with the series, it seems like a pretty nominal investment to make.

So where can you order yours? The four-pack of Joe Exotic condoms can be purchased from Firebox HERE.

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