Swifties Are At It Again! Taylor Swift Fan Selling Rain Water That Fell During Eras Tour For $250

Given how expensive tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are, it’s no wonder Swifties are getting creative about how they recoup some of those funds. Recently, one fan decided to sell contacts that watched the “Shake It Off” singer perform live. Now, another fan has upped the ante and is selling rainwater that fell during Taylor Swift’s washed-out show in Massachusetts for $250 per jar.

If you think we’re joking, think again. Shared by the popular Instagram account Only In Boston (@onlyinbos), what looks to be a Facebook marketplace ad shows small jars filled with clear water. Sharpie marker writing on the outside identifies the contents as rainwater from the Eras Tour stop at Gillette Stadium.

It should be noted that the containers in the listing are from the local weed dispensary Happy Valley, which makes a lot of sense since whoever created this listing must be smoking some seriously good shit if they think anyone is going to buy this garbage.

People on social media were confused, concerned, amused, and outraged that a Swiftie would list rainwater for sale. “Imagine being so detached [from] reality that you’re the target market of literal rainwater,” one person said on Twitter. “How ridiculous. How do I know that’s the rainwater that actually touched her before I buy it?” another joked.

If this is the kind of item you’re in the market for, you’ll be upset to know that it appears the Facebook Marketplace listing for rainwater that fell in Taylor Swift’s vicinity seems to have been removed. Something tells me it’s not because the seller sold them all! It’s more likely that Facebook realized what a scam it was and removed the listing. I don’t imagine anyone high enough to make such a listing would have come to their senses on their own.

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