Angry Dad Bashes Airline For Splitting Up Family On Flight To ‘Acommodate Obese Man’

A dad of three has hit out at an airline for allegedly splitting up his family during a flight in order to accommodate an “obese” man. John James is the founder of Strong+Sexy Fit supplements. He also happens to be the brother of country singer Jessie James Decker AND the brother of Sydney Rae Bass, who’s married to Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher Anthony Bass and who had her own plane drama last week for whining about having to clean up after her toddler on an American Airlines flight. Must run in the family.

In any case, John James did what any entitled white dude would do in 2023 when he feels slighted by pretty much anything: He took to his Instagram Stories to complain about it. Per James, he and his wife had booked the whole second row on a first-class flight back from the Bahamas. One of their kids had their own seat while the other two were “on laps.” However, airline staff eventually left them “completely split up between rows 1 and 3.”

James complained that he had to sit in the first row next to someone “peeling back the wrapper of his Double XL king-size chocolate bar.” What’s the random dude with good taste in snacks got to do with this? Well, James thinks it was all his fault that his family couldn’t sit together since “the gentleman peeling back that chocolate bar was 500+ pounds and need more space only available in the first row.”

John James’ plane rant didn’t end there

Given that James claims he and his family booked the SECOND row, it still makes no sense that the man’s needs (if even true) would in any way affect him. Nevertheless, he trucked on.

“Can we not agree though that it’s BS that we pay that much for flights only to get split up because chocolate man compulsively eats and does not exercise and nowhere between 175-500 pounds has he gone ‘hmmm maybe I should do something about this?'”

While many point out that obesity is a medical issue, John James thinks that’s an excuse tantamount to “co-signing” on it and that the man eating a candy bar was a “conclusive piece of the puzzle.” He went on to claim that he has “pity” for the man, who “needs help.” However, he refused to back down on his offensive views, instead saying people should feel motivated by them.

“I know this is going to hurt some feelings but you can either get upset or get motivated and get moving. Obesity is not healthy,” he wrote. He added that he “genuinely wants y’all to feel strong, sexy, and fit” and that only through fat-shaming (read: giving people a “painful truth”) would the message go through.

Would be such a shame if this totally destroyed his bogus brand

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