Johnny Depp Cancels All Appearances After ‘Devasting’ News

While Johnny Depp’s career has certainly taken a nosedive since he was outed as an addict and an abuser, he is still managing to find opportunities in Hollywood and beyond. Between his 7-minute standing ovation in Cannes for “Jeanne du Barry” and touring the world with his band, he’s still finding a way to bring home the bacon. However, all of that will have to be put on pause for now, as Johnny received “devastating” news that has forced him to cancel all of his scheduled appearances.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, May 29, Johnny Depp announced that he had a fractured ankle and had been advised by a doctor to take it easy. That means no concerts or other appearances for the time being.

My dear friends, I am sorry to say that I have fractured my ankle, which is a drag. It began as a hairline break but somewhere between Cannes and The Albert Hall, it got worse rather than better,” he explained.

johnny depp instagram

“Several medical professionals have strongly suggested I avoid any and all activity for the moment and so am sadly unable to travel at the time. To that end, the guys and I are very sorry to miss you in Boston, New Hampshire and New York, but fear not, I promise we will bring an amazing show to all of you in Europe and bring our absolute best to the East Coast later this summer and make it up to those who have paid for those shows!”

Depp then went on to offer his “sincerest and deepest apologies” as offering his fans “love and respect.”

Hollywood Vampires’ official Instagram account also announced that Johnny Depp had sustained a fractured ankle and wouldn’t be able to perform.

“Johnny has sustained a painful injury to his ankle following his recent appearances and has been advised by his doctor not to travel. He is devastated by this turn of events, but looks forward to resting up so all four Vampires can bring their absolute best to the tour in Europe,” the post read.

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