KFC Is Now Selling Boxes Full Of Fried Chicken Skin KFC

KFC Is Now Selling Boxes Full Of Fried Chicken Skin

I know KFC is kinda gross and everything, but it’s also really delicious. There’s nothing better after a night spent out drinking with your BFFs than stopping off at the drive-thru and ordering a bucket of that original crispy and chowing down in your PJs, right? Well, now there is—some KFC locations are starting to sell boxes full of just the fried chicken SKIN.

Alas, it’s only in certain international markets. KFC Singapore unveiled this delicious creation at locations across the country starting on November 11, but they weren’t the first ones. The crispy chicken skin first debuted at KFC Indonesia back in May 2019, so it’s slowly (VERY slowly) starting to make its way across the world.

They’re super cheap. Because the skin isn’t seen as a particularly valuable part of the chicken for some reason, they’re basically less than $1 USD per bag in Indonesia, which is a pretty sweet deal. In Singapore, they’re considerably more expensive at about $2.50 USD per bag, but still worth it for the deliciousness.

Are they actually any good? According to Today Online, who tried the skins in Singapore, they smell great, are super crispy, and deliciously flavored like classic KFC chicken. Their one bugaboo was that the skins are extremely salty, but that might be a good thing if you’re into that kinda taste. That being said, you might want to keep a jug or two of water nearby if you do get to try these! Their final verdict? “Very nice!” So there you have it.

Hopefully they’ll bring this to the Western market too. While Americans tend to be a bit more anti-fat, let’s be real, if you’re eating KFC, you’re not all that concerned with it while you’re eating fast food. It’s not everyday food but it is a treat, and why shouldn’t it be? Frankly, I haven’t been to KFC in years but I’d definitely hit it up if they decided to bring crispy chicken skin to our menus too.

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