Kylie Jenner’s Son’s Name Could Mean A Naughty Word In Arabic

Kylie Jenner’s Son’s Name Could Mean A Naughty Word In Arabic

Kylie Jenner has finally revealed her son’s new name: Aire Webster. The second child of Jenner and rapper Travis Scott was born in February 2022 and was originally named Wolf Webster. However, Jenner later decided to change his name after receiving backlash from fans. She never revealed what the new name was until Sunday, January 22, when she shared the first real photos of the child on Instagram, along with his name.

Fans immediately wanted to know how to pronounce the name. After finding out the boy’s name was Aire, fans took to the comments section to ask Kylie Jenner how it was pronounced. She replied that it’s the same as “air,” which is fair enough. However, there’s one small problem with the spelling.

Kylie Jenner’s decision to name her son “Aire” is coming under fire

Many claim that “Aire” can mean “penis” in Arabic. Because of the “e” on the end, if the name were to be pronounced “air-eh,” then that would be the Arabic word for the male reproductive organ. Uh oh! “Kylie Jenner is gonna fall on her knees and change her sons name once she sees what Arabic Twitter is saying,” one person remarked.

Some believe Kylie Jenner should change Aire Webster’s name back to Wolf. One person tweeted that the boy’s name would make traveling in certain parts of the world difficult in the future. “Ok but not me reading an article that Kylie Jenner named her son to what translates as ‘my penis’ in Arabic. Like this child won’t travel to Dubai or somewhere in the Middle East in his privileged life. Poor kid. Change it back to Wolf,” they wrote. Another added: “If you’re ever having a bad day. Just think of the poor child of Kylie Jenner who renamed her son from Wolf to Aire announced earlier today – so then we find out in Arabic means my d**k. Poor kid.”

Poor Kylie — let’s leave her and her adorable little boy alone!

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