Ladies, Take It From A Guy—If You Do These Things, You’re Going To Seem Crazy

For the record, I don’t agree with calling women crazy just because we don’t understand your behavior. Guys should really be more discerning with how we throw that word around. That being said, I would like to help women who’d like to avoid receiving that label from judgmental jerks. If you’re one of them, avoid doing these things.

Getting drunk on a date 

Unless your date involves a keg stand for some reason, you really shouldn’t be getting that drunk—at least until you’re in a committed relationship. Having one or two drinks is fine, but you should know when you’ve reached your limit. You may think you’re just having fun, but getting sloppy drunk is immature and childish. It forces your date to turn into a babysitter, which he won’t like. It’ll also make him think there’s something wrong with you.

Crying in public 

There’s nothing wrong with a good cry, but please don’t do it in public. It just doesn’t look good, and unless he’s a steady boyfriend, guys are going to think you’re a little bit nuts for not being able to control your emotions. If you’re at a sad movie and can get yourself together by the credits, you may be able to get away with it. Otherwise, keep the waterworks for when you’re at home.

Getting too personal too soon 

It’s nice to share things about your life to get to know someone, but pace yourself. If you share too many personal details on your first or second date with a guy, he’ll definitely think that you’re crazy and trying to treat him like a cheap therapist. He may also think you’re trying to force the relationship to be serious right away, which doesn’t help either.

Being all about the drama 

Guys don’t typically like being around drama. Some things are unavoidable, but if your life is all drama all the time, you’re doing something wrong. If you try to claim that drama just follows you around, it just makes you sound crazy.

Claiming you’re “not like other girls” 

Claiming that you’re unique and actually being unique are two different things. If you’re truly a unique individual, we’ll notice and we’ll love you for it. But if you try to stand out from the crowd by trying to convince us of how special you are, you’re just going to come off sounding crazy.

Stalking us 

Being all over a guy’s social media pages or staging accidental run-ins is textbook crazy girl behavior. You may think you’re being clever, but guys can usually see right through it. Here’s some advice: showing up anywhere uninvited makes you seem crazy. Just back off a little, be patient, and let the relationship proceed at a normal speed.

Complaining about your problems at work 

Honestly, unless you have a super cool job—and odds are you don’t—guys don’t care all that much about your work drama, which means we don’t really want to hear about it. If you keep trying to tell us that all of your co-workers are the problem and not you, we’ll think you’re crazy. After all, it’s unlikely everyone else at work is crazy and you’re the one sane one.

Going through our phone 

Come on, you know this is crazy-girl behavior, right? Just because you don’t get caught doesn’t mean it’s right. If you go through a guy’s phone, you’re either crazy or jealous—it has to be one of the two. Either way, no guy is going to put up with it.

Being obsessed with starting a family 

It’s OK if that’s your endgame, but it shouldn’t be your top priority at the start of a relationship. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that you’re crazy to be thinking about marriage and kids after three dates with a guy. If you mention wanting kids this soon, a guy will think you’re crazy and head for the hills. Just concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Being a little too hot 

If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother, you know that the crazy-hot scale is a real thing. This doesn’t mean that if you’re hot, you’re definitely crazy, but it means you’re allowed to be a little crazy. In any event, if you’re way hotter than the guy you’re dating, it probably means you’re too crazy to hold onto a guy of equal attractiveness.

Getting too kinky in bed too soon 

For the record, guys aren’t going to complain about this, and we probably won’t dump you if the sex is crazy good. But if you like doing stuff that’s super kinky right off the bat, it sends a signal that there’s something wrong with you and you might be a little crazy. A guy will probably stick around for a little bit just for the sex, but if the sex is too freaky, he may not see you as a long-term option.

Refusing to acknowledge your crazy moments 

Look, we all have our moments when we fly off the handle and act a little crazy. This is true for both men and women, but you must recognize and admit it. If you acknowledge to a guy that you acted a little crazy and explain why you did it, you’re all good. However, if you do something crazy and don’t realize there’s something wrong with it, we’ll probably be convinced that you’re a little nuts.

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