Lana Del Rey Picks Up Waitressing Shift At Alabama Waffle House

Before they get famous, plenty of celebs held down normal jobs, from bartending to construction and pretty much everything in between. However, once they “make it,” you don’t exactly expect to see them doing blue-collar work ever again. That’s maybe why fans were so shocked to find Lana Del Rey waitressing at an Alabama Waffle House this week.

The 38-year-old was spotted in full uniform, complete with a name tag, at the restaurant in Florence. She poured coffee, took orders, and generally did a damn good job serving customers.

Of course, it wasn’t long before she started to be noticed by friends, who were overjoyed to see one of their favorite singers at their local eatery. “To say I am ecstatic is an understatement!!!” Karina Cisneros Juarez, who got to take a photo with Del Rey, wrote on Facebook. “I have been a huuuge fan of Lana Del Rey for over a decade, so meeting her today was truly insane.”


the born to die money ran out it seems 😭😭😭 #lanadelrey #fyp #viral #lana #borntodie

♬ sonido original – ocean blvd stan🌊

Juarez later told that Del Rey was “super lovely, and incredibly nice.”

The internet had an overwhelmingly positive response to Lana Del Rey working at a Waffle House as well, with many pointing out how “humble” it made her seem. “She just wants to be normal I feel her,” one person I wrote. “I respect it,” another said.

While she had plenty of work to do, she still took time not just to pose for photos with fans but also to sign posters and other memorabilia. She’s a total legend, that’s for sure.

It’s unclear why Lana Del Rey was working at Waffle House. The first and most obvious assumption was that she was filming a video or doing something to do with her new album, but there seems to be no immediate suggestion that was the case. Maybe she just wanted to do something different for the day?

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