The Lotus Sex Position: What It Is & Why You Should Be Doing It

While missionary and doggy-style sex get the job done, there’s bound to be a time when you and your partner want to switch things up in the bedroom. Not only can experimenting with unconventional positions increase pleasure for both of you, but it can also breathe new life into what can become a pretty routine and unexciting experience in the bedroom. If you’ve never tried the lotus sex position, here’s why it’s worth trying and how it could just benefit your health.

What is the lotus sex position?

It might sound complex or fancy, but in essence, the lotus sex position is not very hard to get into. Your partner should sit cross-legged on the floor while you straddle them face-to-face. Your butt will rest in their lap while they penetrate you, allowing them to go deeper inside you. You should wrap your legs around your partner to pull yourself closer to them for an even more intimate experience.

From there, you can grind on each other, or, if you have super strong leg and core muscles, you might lift yourself up and down on your partner and get a rhythm going. Once you’re in the lotus sex position, how you do things from there is really up to you and your partner and what feels good.

The lotus is easily one of the simplest and accessible sex positions, assuming you’re able-bodied, and is well worth trying. Of course, it’s extremely intimate since you’ll be face-to-face and very close in every possible way. However, that’s exactly what increases the intimacy between partners and makes it a more intense experience.

What are the benefits of trying the lotus?

  1. It increases intimacy between partners. As mentioned above, being face-to-face, body to body with every inch of your skin connecting is an incredibly intimate thing to experience. The lotus sex position is about sexual pleasure, yes. However, it also connects your bodies in a way that allows you to look one another in the eyes and feel each other’s bodies coming together. If you’re someone who is interested in tantric sex or a more spiritual element to intimacy, this is for you.
  2. It keeps things fresh. Doing the same old sexual positions gets boring after a while, no matter how much you love your partner. The lotus offers a new way to get it on, adding some variation into your routine. Doing this can breathe new life into your bedroom game, and this is really important for longevity.
  3. It feels f*cking amazing. Having your partner be able to penetrate you more deeply is f*cking hot. It increases the chances that your partner can stimulate your G-spot, for one. There’s also a psychological element to it, realizing that your partner is so deep inside of you, more than any other sex position allows. Once you try the lotus sex position, you may not want to go back to doing it any other way.
  4. You can stimulate other parts of the body or use toys. Because you’re face-to-face in this position, it gives you a chance to incorporate some stimulation for other parts of your body. For instance, your partner can more easily access your nipples (and hey, about 80% of women say nipple play really gets them off) in this position. Or, you may be interested in anal play while having vaginal sex. With the lotus position, that’s a little bit easier.
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