All The Main Male Actors From Mean Girls Have Come Out As Gay Since The Movie Was Released Paramount Pictures

All The Main Male Actors From Mean Girls Have Come Out As Gay Since The Movie Was Released

“Mean Girls” is a timeless movie that remains just as popular now as it was when it was released in 2004. It’s funny, smart, and just a whole lot of fun to watch. It also just so happens to be an LGBTQIA+ favorite. Makes sense, really. Especially considering all the main guy actors have come out as gay in the years since “Mean Girls” came out. Random, right?

This little factoid was first noted by Buzzfeed. Admittedly, the sexuality of stars isn’t the first thing that most people think about. However, it is interesting (and kinda great!) to think that every single main guy in “Mean Girls” is gay. It makes its standing in the LGBTQIA+ community even more meaningful.

So, which actors are we talking about? Daniel Franzese, who played Damian, was “too gay to function” in the movie, but he was just as gay in real life. Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels, and Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin G, have also come out in the years since the movie.

Being out and proud means a lot to the actors. Back in 2014, Franzese told AOL that he was just being himself. However, knowing how much he was inspiring people really made him emotional. “I get a lot of fan mail, but around the tenth anniversary of ‘Mean Girls,’ I got a letter from a fan who was grown up that said, ‘When I was in 8th grade, I was beat up for being chubby and tortured for being a sissy. But then your movie came out and, in 9th grade, on the first day of school, the popular senior girls walked up to me and said, ‘You’re like Damian, come sit with us!'” he recalled. “And he was like, ‘Thank you so much, I don’t know if you’re gay or not…’ but then I realized it’s so important that I come out. And then I did come out, and I made two of my other co-stars come out — Kevin G and Aaron Samuels — we’re all gay!”

However, the decision to come out wasn’t easy for everyone. Bennett said that when playing Aaron Samuels, he felt the pressure to keep up a straight facade. However, he eventually needed to live his truth. “There comes a time in your life when you realize it just doesn’t matter and it’s not worth it to not just live completely open as yourself,” he told TooFab. “And that’s what happened for me. I never really talked about it when Mean Girls came out, my friends all knew. I just was kind of told by not anyone specifically, but everyone [to stay closeted]. We lived in a weird world where us actors who were working in the public eye at the time that were gay, we all didn’t know what to do.”

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