You Can Get Paid $1,000 To Watch 24 Hours Of Crime Documentaries

Let’s be real here: you probably spend a good portion of your spare time watching true crime documentaries anyway, especially now that you’re self-isolating at home. The genre offers up some of the most fascinating, engaging programming out there and no one can resist the latest and greatest release. Well, what if you could get paid $1,000 to go about your usual routine by tuning in? Now you can.

Magellan TV wants to pay you $1,000. What do you have to do for the money? Just watch 24 hours straight of true crime documentaries on the streaming service. I mean, you do get a break to sleep and everything, but you will have to get through a full day’s worth of shows in two days to get the cash. Not a bad arrangement, right?

That’s not all you’ll have to do. In addition to watching 24 hours of true crime documentaries — something Magellan TV specializes in — you’ll also have to talk about what you’re watching on social media, voicing your thoughts and opinions like you probably already do anyway.

The documentaries you’ll need to watch have already been picked for you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick your own shows here — Magellan TV has pre-picked 16 true crime documentaries for you to watch including Manson’s Missing Victims, Murder on the Internet, Women on Death Row, Killer in the Family, Parachute Murder Plot, and more. Some of the shows are shorter at about 45 minutes while the longest, Jonestown: Paradise Lost, runs about 200 minutes (nearly three hours).

You don’t just get the money if you’re chosen. You also get a free year-long membership to Magellan TV and three three-month memberships to give away to your family and friends. Those are some pretty sweet bonuses!

So how can you apply? Assuming you’re based in the US, all you need to do to apply is write a short application (literally less than 100 words) on why you’d be good for the job. You can also include a video with your application if you want to stand out, though this isn’t necessary. The application deadline is May 4 at 5 p.m. EST, so get applying!

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