A Guy Who’s Reluctant To Commit Never Will — Walk Away

A guy who’s in love and sees all the great things you have to offer would never allow you to get away. If the guy you’re seeing is full of a bunch of BS excuses as to why he can’t (or won’t) lock things down, there’s a pretty good chance he’s just wasting your precious time. Instead of waiting for him to come to his senses and realize how amazing you are, here are all the reasons why it’s time for you to move on if he’s reluctant to commit.

  1. It shouldn’t take him this long to lock things down. If a guy is stringing you along and dangling the commitment carrot in front of your face without solidifying things, he’s likely just playing games with you. It most cases, guys know right away whether they see a future with you or not. If the two of you have been dating for more than a few months and he’s still on the fence about whether you’re the one or not, this isn’t a good sign.
  2. He might still be playing the field. If he’s dragging his feet, it could be a sign that he’s juggling multiple women. No wonder he’s reluctant to commit. A guy who’s enjoying the bachelor life could possibly have a line of women in the rotation that he uses to keep him company. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s sleeping with other girls, but he’s definitely spreading himself thin across multiple people to boost his own ego. Do you want to be one of many or would you rather be the only one? If you’re looking for a real relationship with a guy who has eyes for you and only you, you probably won’t find it with this guy.
  3. If he has baggage, it’s not your job to help him unload it. I know you want to swoop in and save him from his terrible past and all the heartache he suffered at the hands of his ex. But the truth is, you can’t help him—he can only help himself. If he’s hesitant about committing because of what he went through before you came along, there’s nothing you can say or do that will make him change his mind. He has to come to the realization on his own that he no longer wants to be a victim of his past. But who knows when he’ll let go of the hurt and embrace the present—your best bet is to just walk away now.
  4. He’s happy with the way things are. Some guys are more than content with the casual nature of a relationship. So when it comes to putting a label on things and defining what the two of you are, they’ll skirt around the issue or come up with a bunch of excuses why they can’t be tied down. This is the type of guy that wouldn’t make a good partner to begin with. If he’s happy with putting in little to no effort while the two of you are dating, just imagine how things would be if you were in a full-blown relationship.
  5. You’re just a placeholder. Sadly, you could be getting played by this guy who’s saying all the right things but holding off on committing. He may think you’re a great girl and you probably have a lot of the qualities he’s looking for. But when it comes to commitment, perhaps you just don’t do it for him. Of course, he’ll continue to sleep with you and take you out from time to time, but you’re just a placeholder until he finds the girl who really sets his soul on fire.
  6. If it was meant to be, nothing would stop him. This sounds so cliche but it’s absolutely true. Nothing would stop a guy from committing if he really wanted to be with you. He wouldn’t care about his finances, he wouldn’t care about sowing his wild oats, and he definitely wouldn’t care about being “tied down.” He would be begging you for commitment instead!
  7. You deserve to be swept off your feet. Instead of pestering some boring guy who won’t give you what you want, wouldn’t you much rather be swept off your feet? Don’t let people convince you that things like this only happen in fairytales. Your happily ever after is right around the corner, but you’ll never get to the finish line if you keep wasting your time on someone who isn’t stepping up to the plate.
  8. Accept his hesitance as rejection. Rejection sucks, but the sooner you accept that he’s trying to politely let you down, the sooner you can move on with your life. It will hurt at first, but you’ll get over it, I promise—especially once you realize that you deserve so much better and you’d never get it if you stayed with him.
  9. Stop waiting to be chosen. Hanging around and waiting for a guy to commit is like wearing a sign on your forehead that says, “Choose me!” You’re reeking of desperation by staying involved with someone who’s not giving you everything you deserve and more. Stop waiting to be chosen and start doing the choosing!
  10. Making excuses will only prolong the inevitable. Your head is probably filled with all the possible reasons he just isn’t ready for a serious relationship. You keep telling yourself that as soon as he starts his new job, the two of you will become a couple. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that things will start picking up once his living situation improves. Well, now’s the time to stop making excuses and start taking some action. By excusing his behavior, you’re giving yourself a bit of hope that may not even be there. The longer you drag things out and allow him to remain in your life, the longer you’re prolonging getting your heart split in two. A guy who’s reluctant to commit now probably never will.
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