Man Purposely Runs Over 6 Neighbors After They Ask Him To Drive Slowly, Killing 2

A man in India reportedly purposely ran over six of his neighbors with his car and killed two of them after they asked him to drive slowly. According to the International Business Times, the incident took place in the northern state of Haryana while a wedding was taking place in the area.

  1. The man was furious when asked to slow down. His neighbors are said to have asked the man nicely to watch his speed due to the wedding taking place in the area. However, he didn’t take well to the request and instead sped up and ran six of them over.
  2. Two people died as a result of his assault. One woman died immediately on the spot and another man succumbed to injuries sustained during the attack while at the hospital. The condition of the other four people run over is currently unknown.
  3. The man is known for driving very fast through the neighborhood. However, they spoke up on this occasion since there were a lot of children and other guests at the wedding. The suspect is said to have become argumentative and ran them over outside their homes. “We asked him to drive carefully, but his father who was present there said he will drive as he wants. So he drove his car in reverse and ran over the victims,” Vijay Kumar, nephew of the victim woman, told NDTV.
  4. The man is now being accused of murder. As another neighbor told the Hindustan Times, the suspect’s response to their reasonable request was over the top. He “was angry after we asked him to drive responsibly as he used to drive very fast in the neighborhood. We had earlier raised the issue of rash driving with his father but he did not take it seriously.” Now, the suspect is being charged with murder, with a police official saying: “Two people died in the incident. The Superintendent of Police has formed five teams to apprehend the accused.”
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