These Mermaid Life Jackets For Dogs Will Keep Your Pup Safe And Sparkly

If you’re spending a lot of time by the water this summer, be it a lake, the beach, or even an inground pool, you want to make sure your pups are as safe as possible. Maybe your four-legged friend struggles with swimming or maybe you just want to be extra cautious. Either way, these mermaid life jackets for dogs will not only ensure they’re A-OK but will make them extra sparkly and stylish at the same time.

They’re everything you’d hope they’d be. When you hear the words “mermaid life jacket for dogs,” you probably have a few expectations, and these bad boys, made by the brand Albara, don’t disappoint. They have colorful, glittery scales and even an adorable mermaid tail at the back.

The life jacket is fully adjustable. It has belt straps you can tighten or loosen for your dog’s ultimate comfort as well as a neck pad to make sure their head is nice and supported as they laze the day away in the water. They’re easy to take on and off, as well, which is always a relief.

Each mermaid life jacket for dogs costs around $24.99. However, this changes depending on the size you’re ordering. The jackets are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large for every size dog. What are you waiting for? Get yours HERE.

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