M&M’s Has A New Rockin’ Nut Road Flavor That’s Full Of Sweet Marshmallow

M&M’s are one of the most classic and the most delicious candies out there. They’re easy to take with you on the go (assuming you’re someone who likes to take candy with you whenever you go anywhere which… I definitely am), they don’t melt when the weather is hot (always a plus!), and they come in all different flavors so there’s something for everyone. Now, M&M’s has a Rockin’ Nut Road flavor that’s filled with marshmallow and I’m starting to think I might have a new favorite.

  1. M&M’s released Rockin’ Nut ROad without much fanfare. There was no big announcement for this flavor release as far as I can recall. Instead, the brand just sort of quietly let this one roll out to stores to blow our minds in a more subtle way. I only found out about them because Instagrammer @junkfoodonthego spotted the flavor at their local Albertsons in Los Angeles and now I’m obsessed with tracking them down!
  2. Everyone loves Rocky Road, right? While there are all different recipes out there for rocky road, there are a few elements that appear in every one of them: chocolate, nuts, and marshmallow. M&M’s has taken those ingredients and put them into tiny, crunchy candy form. The bag contains brown, white, and tan pieces each of which is filled with a peanut, a chocolate layer, and what we can only presume is a marshmallow layer/flavor. It wouldn’t be rocky road without it, right?
  3. Hopefully they’ll come in smaller bags as well! So far, the 9-oz. sharing size bags are the only size we’ve seen. It would be nice to get these in the smaller bags like the ones sold at grocery store checkouts, but then again, they’re probably so tasty that you’ll want the big bags anyway!
  4. These could be an exclusive buy. So far, the flavor has been spotted at Albertsons, as mentioned above, as well as Shaw’s. It’s unclear whether or not Rockin’ Nut Road M&M’s are exclusive to these retailers or if they’re just lucky enough to be the first ones to get a hold of them. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.

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