Mom Makes ‘Creepy’ Breastmilk Mask For Newborn’s Facial Acne

A mom on TikTok has gone viral after sharing a bizarre mask soaked in her breast milk to cure her newborn’s facial acne. Linh Ta, who goes by the username @ahlingaling, revealed on the video-sharing site that she noticed her son Levi had little red bumps on his face and thought making him a breastmilk mask might help soothe him. I mean, we know breastmilk is healthy, but is it made to be used in this way? Who can say?


When your baby has acne so you make a breastmilk mask for him. 😍 #baby #babiesoftiktok #fyp #levi #babyhack #alphathalassemia #survivor #skincare

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  1. The new mom isn’t expecting miracles here. Explaining her inspiration for the mask, Ta captioned the clip: “I made the mask purely out of boredom and just to have a little fun.” In other words, even she wasn’t sure that it’s going to be some miracle remedy but she thought it was at least worth a shot.
  2. You have to give her points for creativity. The video shows Ta taking a dry cloth wipe with mouth and eye holes in it and then soaking the cloth into a bowl full of her breastmilk before putting it over the baby’s face.
  3. There are plenty of benefits to breastmilk. However, studies have only shown those benefits when the breastmilk is ingested, not when it’s used topically. However, given that it does have antimicrobial qualities, it could help, I guess? Natural health blogs do claim it can give both adults and babies beautiful skin, so who knows?
  4. The response to this approach was mixed. Many people thought this was adorable – putting a face mask on a baby? So cute! – while others thought it was “creepy” and disputed the idea that it would ever be of any use. As long as little Levi is happy, loved, and unharmed, I guess it really doesn’t matter!
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