Monkey Snatches Seagull From The Sky And Savagely Smashes It To Death As Zoo Visitors Look On

WARNING: The article below contains an embedded video with content that may disturb some viewers. Please watch at your own discretion.

Visitors to Chester Zoo in the UK were horrified after they watched a monkey climb a 20-foot pole and snatch a seagull from the sky, savagely beating it to death and then eating it. Bec Adamson was enjoying a “lovely day out” with her son on February 26 when she saw it all go down and began filming the shocking incident.

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  1. It was “like watching King Kong.” Seeing the monkey do something so predatory and outwardly aggressive reminded Adamson of the classic King Kong scene where he hangs from the Empire State Building and pulls planes from the sky. She said that the monkey could even be seen to “lick blood off its fingers” after killing the bird.
  2. The monkey dropped the seagull and came down to get it. Adamson said that after battering it to death and licking its fingers dry, the primate then dropped the bird and climbed down to grab the “insides” from the bird and eat it.
  3. Thankfully, her son wasn’t traumatized by what he saw. Adamson insisted that her son didn’t realize the true extent of what was happening and was calm about the situation. “Other people started watching too and suddenly there were about 100 people watching. It was really violent, but it’s natural. It’s what happens in nature,” Adamson said, as per the Manchester Evening News. “[My son] Dominik asked if David Attenborough was watching as well because we watch this sort of thing at home. He just thought it was amazing because he thought they were fighting. It could have scarred him for life. If I was his age, I’d have been terrified. I think I’m raising a manic monkey.”
  4. Adamson shared a video of the attack on TikTok. It’s since been viewed more than three million times by people who were both horrified and impressed by the animal’s ingenuity.
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