Mother Trying To Escape Abusive Husband Is Helped By Teenage Movers Who Get Her Out For Free

A woman who was desperate to get herself and her kids away from an abusive boyfriend received some help from an unlikely source: teenage high school students who started a moving company to aid people exactly like her, all free of charge. One woman and her teenage daughter and baby were living with the man who routinely beat her and all of them needed a way out. Thankfully, the boys behind Meathead Movers showed up to provide exactly that.


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  1. Meathead Movers was founded back in 1997. Two high school brothers, Aaron and Evan, began the company in San Luis Obispo, California back in 1997 when Aaron was a junior and Evan was a freshman. It all started when a friend’s parents offered them $20 and a pizza to help them move house, and it wasn’t long before word of mouth meant that they had more work than they could possibly ask for! They’ve always focused on customer and community service and now specialize in helping victims of domestic violence (though they take clients from all walks of life!). These days, they perform over 18,000 moves a year!
  2. Helping domestic violence victims just came naturally. “When Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers in 1997 as high school students, the frantic phone calls just started coming in from victims looking to flee dangerous domestic violence situations without financial means,” said company spokesperson Caroline Callaway. There are even times when abusers show up mid-move and the student athletes behind Meathead Movers have to ensure the victims stay safe, as well as themselves!
  3. This is the kind of thing we need more of. While there’s obviously a business plan behind Meathead Movers and they do need to make a profit in order to continue to have employees and operate successfully, what’s clear is that the company really does have its employees and customers at the heart of everything it does. Doing things with kindness and heart goes so far, and it’s so good to know the company is doing so well! More businesses should take note!
  4. If you’d like more information on Meathead Movers, check out the site. It not only gives a detailed account of the company’s origins but also sheds a light on how it operates today. Oh, and if you’re in California and need some movers, I bet you they can help!
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