Netflix Appears To Confirm ‘You’ Season 3 Fall Premiere Date

Netflix Appears To Confirm ‘You’ Season 3 Fall Premiere Date Netflix

We all had high hopes for 2021 and so far it seems almost like a replay of 2020. However, it’s not all bad news. There is hope on the horizon that soon we may be able to go out and enjoy a meal with friends, hug our elderly relatives, and get back to some semblance of “normalcy.” In the meantime, there’s also You Season 3 on the horizon, and it’s not actually too far away!

  1. This has been a long time coming. Back in mid-2020, it was revealed that Season 3 had been written and was ready to go, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, filming couldn’t actually start. However, production did pick up last fall, starting in November 2020. Everyone involved in the show has worked hard to make sure it could be filmed safely. It looks like they’re well underway!
  2. Season 3 of You will probably be available to stream from November 2021. There’s no specific release date in November so far, but just knowing that the new episodes could be available at some point in that month is pretty good news. Obviously there will be more news as we get closer to that date, so there’s something to look forward to! The “news” comes via the Twitter account @NetflixUpdates, which posted a fan art advertising the new season as well as the premiere date, which the official account liked. This led many people to believe that the November date is right on the money. Fingers crossed!
  3. There’s so much to look forward to this season. For one thing, we know that Love is pregnant with Joe’s baby, so that storyline will be interesting to explore. How will Joe cope with being a dad, if at all? How will the fact that both of them are psychopaths play into their parenting? Will Joe find a new target to stalk, maybe the neighbor he was peering at through the fence? So many questions!
  4. In the meantime, you can still rewatch the first two seasons. Get up to speed with what happened before You Season 3 premieres by streaming the first two seasons on Netflix now if you haven’t watched before. Or, just have a rewatch! What else do you have to do?
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