Netflix Releases First ‘Sweet Tooth’ Trailer And It Looks Like An Incredible Adventure

Netflix Releases First ‘Sweet Tooth’ Trailer And It Looks Like An Incredible Adventure Netflix

When it comes to quality entertainment, you can pretty much always rely on Netflix to bring you the best of the best. Their original series are engaging, thoughtful, and downright addictive, and it looks like their latest offering is no different. Sweet Tooth, based on Jeff Lemire’s incredible DC comic book series, is headed to the streaming series on June 4, and the first look trailer certainly gears fans up for some incredible excitement.

  1. The premise is interesting, to say the least. It’s set 10 years after a deadly virus known as the Great Crumble pretty much destroyed the world and led to the birth of babies that are part human, part animal. At the forefront of the story is Gus, a part human, part deer boy who lives in the forest since humans hunt these hybrids. Soon after, Gus meets a wanderer called Jepperd and they go on an adventure around the wasteland that is America to find out more about where they came from.
  2. Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is all about adventure. Given everything that’s happening in the world right now, co-showrunner and director Jim Mickle said the point of Sweet Tooth is to offer some escapism for viewers as well as a whole lot of fun. “We wanted to make a show that offers escape and adventure, where nature is reclaiming the world and in many ways, it feels like a fairy tale,” Mickle said in a statement. “Sweet Tooth is a new kind of dystopian story, it’s very lush and hopeful. We want people to come into this world where there’s beauty and hope and adventure. This is a sweeping story — we ride on trains, climb mountaintops, run through forests. This is a show about what makes a family, what home really means, and why it’s important to keep faith in humanity.”
  3. The show has been in the works for five years. Sweet Tooth existed far earlier as a comic, but the show itself has been in the works since 2016. However, the subject matter is perfect for 2021 and audiences will certainly find plenty to enjoy in it. “I think everyone is going to relate to the show and this story even more than we even thought when we first started working on it. When you watch Sweet Tooth, you feel hopeful about the future,” said co-showrunner Beth Schwartz.
  4. The show is staying true to Lemire’s original vision for the comic book series. In a 2013 interview with EW, Lemire pontificated on the series upon the release of the final issue of the comics. “I really think it’s about trying to look at the world in a different way. What I mean by that is, if you look around at the state of the world, it’s pretty easy to see that it’s not a great place. There’s a lot of terrible things going on in the world. We’re not treating each other very well,” he explained. “It’s going back to that idea that we’re all connected, and getting back to a simpler way of life. Gus and the hybrid kids really represent that. They’re the innocence of childhood. When you’re a kid, you’re not as corrupted by the world at large. You’re not corrupted by prejudices. You’re much more open-minded. Much more interested in the world around you. Sweet Tooth is about the world returning to that kind of place.”
  5. There’s a great cast involved with the show. James Brolin, Will Forte, Dania Ramirez, Neil Sandilands, Stefania LaVie Owen, Adeel Akhtar, and Aliza Vellani all star in Sweet Tooth, while Susan Downey, Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Burrell, and Linda Moran will serve as producers for the Netflix series alongside Mickle and Schwartz.

Sweet Tooth will premiere on Netflix on June 4.

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