Florida Woman Poured Mountain Dew Over Herself To Erase DNA After Killing Roommate

Florida Woman Poured Mountain Dew Over Herself To Erase DNA After Killing Roommate Volusia County Jail

A Florida woman had what she believed was an ingenious idea to get away with murdering her roommate. Nichole Maks, 35, of Daytona Beach, poured Mountain Dew soda over herself to erase DNA evidence on her body, an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 35 Orlando revealed. She’s now behind bars.

  1. Maks’ DNA was still pretty plentiful. Police say they discovered her DNA on the handle of the bloody knife, believed to be the murder weapon, that was lying next to the victim’s body at the home she shared with the victim. Oops?
  2. So wait, what exactly happened? In the early hours of July 1, a concerned passer-by flagged down a Daytona Beach police officer and alerted the officer of a fire at a nearby home. Firefighters were dispatched to the address, where they put out the fire and found the dead body of the victim.
  3. The victim had been very deliberately murdered. The man, later identified as 79-year-old Michale Cerasoli, was found to have blunt force trauma on the bath of his head and multiple stab wounds on his torso. In addition to the bloody knife, there was also blood on the wall next to Mak’s closet in her bedroom.
  4. An officer caught up with Maks shortly after. She wasn’t wearing shoes and had blood on her leg as she walked around Krystal’s restaurant in Holly Hill. She was also carrying a knife and hammer, both of which she dropped when approached by police.
  5. Her story changed multiple times. Maks first told police she was homeless before admitting she was living with Cerasoli but said she hadn’t seen him that day. She told police she always carried around hammers and knives, though she didn’t elaborate on why. She refused to talk about the fire.
  6. She threw the Mountain Dew over herself after tricking officers. After hearing that her DNA would be collected as part of the investigation, Maks claimed she was thirsty and was given a Diet Mountain Dew. She drank it slowly, but when officers attempted to get the can from her, she threw it all over her body and hair before “pulling and kicking officers” as they struggled to apprehend her.
  7. Nichole Maks was booked into the Volusia County jail on August 5. She faces charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and resisting arrest with violence. She pleaded not guilty on all charges.
  8. Maks’ attorney has asked for a psychological exam to determine whether she’s competent to stand trial. She’s currently being held without bond.
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