Nutter Butter Released Double Nutty Cookies With Twice The Peanut Butter

Nutter Butter Released Double Nutty Cookies With Twice The Peanut Butter Instagram/NutterButter

If you ask me, Nutter Butters are one of the most underrated cookies out there. The combination of crispy cookie and deliciously sweet, peanut buttery filling is just perfect and they don’t get enough love. Hopefully that’s going to change soon because Nutter Butters Double Nutty exist and they’re packing twice the PB goodness of the original.

  1. Playing around with filling ratios are nothing new. I mean, look at Oreo: they have Double Stuff, Ultimate Stuff, and Thins just off the top of my head. Sometimes you want a little more cookie than filling and other times you want more filling instead. Nutter Butter Double Nutty is doubling up on the filling for ultimate deliciousness and I’m not mad at them.
  2. Hopefully these are permanent! Nutter Butter hasn’t exactly said that this is a limited release, and thank goodness. I’m seriously hoping that Double Nutty is a permanent edition to the range because they’re going to be just what the doctor ordered from time to time. I’ll still love the original from time to time, but it’s nice to have choices, don’t you think?
  3. They’re already available in stores. If Double Nutty sounds like your perfect Nutter Butter, the brand announced via their Instagram page that the cookies are now available in stores. It doesn’t say exactly where you can find them and how quickly this addition to the line will be rolling out, but check your local supermarkets or even stores like Target and I bet you’ll find them soon.
  4. While these will likely never overtake Oreos in popularity, hopefully they get some more love. Nutter Butters are one of the tastiest cookies out there and I feel like people don’t appreciate them as much as they should. However, with a new variation in stores now, hopefully more customers will give them some love.
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