Signs You’re Just Not Compatible

Sometimes we find ourselves dating people that we adore, or that we would love to adore, but we’re just not really compatible. Here are some signs he’s not the one and it might be time to get a move on to meet someone that you’ve got more in common with if you want it to work in the long run.

You want to want him.

He’s like the perfect guy, a respectful dentist that looks like an underwear model. But for some reason, you’re spending more time trying to convince yourself about how great he is then actually feeling the spark.

Your morals and beliefs are too different.

Different is good; we want to be exposed to new things and new ways to live in the world. Unless he’s racist, or would want you to conform to a religion that you don’t believe in. Sometimes people choose not to change.

Kissing him doesn’t turn you on.

Something’s got to heat up the oven, right?

He doesn’t get you.

You frequently see that look pass over his face that’s almost an eye roll but not quite.

You could do without him.

If ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is starting to make a lot of sense to you, it might be because he’s not your best fit.

You’re outgrowing him.

When you met it seemed like you guys were on the same page but then you kept changing and he hasn’t.

Sex is meh.

We all have our off days, but it’s not great when it’s consistently not doing it for you. Sex is supposed to be fun.

You don’t feel like yourself around him.

Normally, you’re the life of the party, cracking jokes left and right – but for some reason with him, that side of you feels a little stifled.

The sex is great, but that’s about it.

The rest of the time is full of either arguing or awkward silences.

You resent each other.

A little resentment can come and go with normal fights and miscommunications in relationships, but if one or both of you inherently resent the other, you’re walking on broken ground.

You think about other guys when you’re with him.

And we’re not just talking your average fantasy sequence, here – really thinking about other guys.

He grosses you out.

Researchers have found that when women are turned on the grosser stuff that happens during ceases to gross us out.

He has let you down a lot.

More than you would admit to your friends because they would tell you get out ASAP.

You don’t tell him stuff because you know he doesn’t care.

The thing is, he’s supposed to care. Like how your best friend is just as interested in the salad you had for lunch as your work promotion.

You guys don’t do stuff that you’d like to.

You would love to go out to dinner or do more couple stuff, but he just never seems up for it.

You guys only text and never talk on the phone.

Because when you talk on the phone, there just isn’t that much to talk about.

He’s critical about your looks.

Oh, hell no. Anyone who doesn’t feel lucky to be with you isn’t just isn’t on your page.

He just doesn’t exactly make you happy.

For the amount of time and energy we spend on all of our relationships, they should be adding something good to our life in return.

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