One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Speaks Out On His Troubled Relationship With Zayn Malik

It’s been more than six years since One Direction announced to the world that the band was taking an indefinite hiatus. However, it seems like there are some wounds that still haven’t healed, particularly between Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, the latter of whom left the group in early 2015. Tomlinson was asked about the pair’s relationship during an episode of “The Zach Sang Show,” and it’s clear there’s still some tension there.

Are Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik in a good place now? It’s hard to say. Tomlinson, 30, was asked where the men stand now that they’ve had time to process their issues and grow up a bit, but the singer isn’t really sure. “You’d have to ask him,” Tomlinson said. “I could be wrong, but I believe I said, when you asked me a similar question [before] — I believe I said I don’t think I’m mature enough to get over what’s frustrated me in that relationship.”

He hasn’t completely changed his mind about Malik. However, as he gets older, he’s learning not to hold onto grudges quite so much. Admittedly, that’s a work in progress. “I don’t know if I’m mature enough now, but I’m definitely closer to being over all that,” Tomlinson admitted. “There’s been numerous times over the last couple of years where I’ve thought about him and hoped he’s alright.”

Louis Tomlinson has tried to reach out to Zayn Malik in the past. Tomlinson went on to say that he “tried to get in touch” with his former bandmate, but said that doing so was “hard.” However, regardless of what’s happened between them, Tomlinson said, “I definitely wish him well.”

Malik has been posting covers of One Direction songs on social media lately. That seems like a good sign, especially since you would think he wouldn’t go anywhere near the group’s music if there was bad blood. Host Zach Sang noted that Tomlinson had liked a few of the posts, to which the singer responded that you can’t fault Malik’s voice. “[He is] a different caliber in terms of singers, I will say that. I wasn’t just liking it for the sake of liking it. It was a nice feeling ’cause in the past, he’s said what he’s said about the band, and I understand some of what he was saying,” Tomlinson explained. “For me, in those videos, it showed he was reflecting. It showed he was thinking about those times. Of course, at the same time, showing off his incredible voice. That’s why it made me feel good ’cause it was like, ‘Ah maybe you’re thinking about good times in the band.'”

Seems like there might be hope for reconciliation (and a One Direction reunion) yet. Fingers crossed!

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