Orangutan Tries On Sunglasses After Zoo Visitor Drops Them

A tourist visiting an Indonesian zoo accidentally dropped her sunglasses into an orangutan enclosure may have lost a fashion accessory but got something much better: an amazing video of the animal trying them on. TikTok user Lola Testu took to the social media network to share the video she captured of the incident and it’s brought a smile to everyone’s faces.


So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story #monke

♬ original sound – Lola Testu

  1. You wouldn’t expect the orangutan to even be interested in the sunglasses. While I guess it makes sense because a strange object has come into its environment, sunglasses aren’t all that exciting, you wouldn’t think. However, this amazing animal decided to have a little fun when the sunglasses dropped in, and the results were hilarious.
  2. The animal knew exactly what to do. Despite not ever having worn sunglasses herself, the primate knew to pick up the sunglasses, open up the arms on them, and plop them right on her face. She then hangs out against a tree with the shades on. When her baby tries to reach out and grab them, she knocks the little one away and lounges in utter fashion.
  3. Not long after, the orangutan loses interest. She eventually throws them away and decides to start eating some of the plants instead. Good thing Lola had her phone handy to take a video! Now it’s been immortalized forevermore, and so far, more than 25 million people have seen the clip! It’s a total classic.
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