Our Relationship Doesn’t Have A Label On It & I Love It

We’ve been together for what seems like forever but we’re not married or even close to it, so what exactly is our relationship status? Exclusive just sounds like high school. Honestly, I don’t care what our official title is—I just love being together.

  1. It’s only other people who care about statuses anyway. I’ve noticed something—it’s always other people who are desperate to define my relationship. It’s kind of like they feel that if they can’t put a name on it, it must not be real. Then they want to talk about how it’ll never last. Maybe they should worry about themselves and let us just do us. Sorry, but we’re much more than a status.
  2. Isn’t “together” enough? I don’t know why I have to try to go into details whenever someone asks what we are. We’re together. Why do I need to say more than that? If I say we’re dating, they think we’re not serious. If I say we’re not married, then think they same thing. We’re together and that’s more than enough for me. I don’t give a damn if it’s enough for anyone else.
  3. No, I don’t need anything more to make me happy. I’ve also noticed that not having a specific relationship status seems to mean that everyone needs to try and set me up with someone or it’s fine to hit on me. I’m not missing anything from my life (unless they want to bring me doughnuts). I’m happy with us and I don’t need to define it to make it more real.
  4. We’re so much more than boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess technically, he’s my boyfriend, but that doesn’t seem like enough. We seem like far more than just boyfriend and girlfriend. My friends seem to think I’m crazy, but we’ve gone beyond BF and GF and into an old married couple type of territory and I absolutely love it!
  5. I’m just happy that he’s mine. Let people call us what they will or say it’ll never work, but I’m just happy he’s mine. We know what we are and that’s all that matters. I can’t imagine any better status than us both saying “you’re mine.”
  6. I’m more wrapped up in our relationship than giving it a name. I guess I’m not so superficial that I’m more interested in a relationship status than making our relationship work. If we have to sit down every week to define what stage we’re at and where it’s going then we shouldn’t be together to start with. We’re both happy and love whatever it is that we have.
  7. Even without a relationship status, we’ve outlasted most of our friends. It’s kind of funny yet sad that most of our friends have gone through multiple relationships that were well defined (exclusive, engaged and even married), yet we’ve stayed together without fail. Sure, it hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows, but we’ve still done it.
  8. It’s more fun to just relax and let whatever happens, happen. I’ve watched my best friend get stressed AF with every relationship. She freaks out as to when to update her relationship status on Facebook, when should they have the talk about where things are going, why hasn’t he proposed and so on and so on. Why all the pressure? I love that we can relax and just let things happen.
  9. The only name I can honestly come up with is soulmates. I guess if I had to put a name on what we are, I’d just say soulmates. It’s probably the closest definition. After all, what else do you call two people who drive each other crazy, yet still love each other to death? I know some people don’t believe in those, but I’m all for it.
  10. He matches me perfectly even though we’re total opposites. I think what really drives all those judgemental asshats insane is that we’re total opposites. I’m an introvert and he’s an extrovert. He loves video games and I’d rather play my piano. Yet, somehow, when we get together, it’s spark central. We always have plenty to talk about because we don’t spend 24/7 together.
  11. We’re not attached at the hip and that makes it even better. Every time I go out on my own, my friends wonder if we’ve broken up. Umm… no. I love that we both have our separate lives. Apparently, that’s a major no-no in relationship land, but it works for us. Maybe we should call ourselves “dating without being so insecure that we have to velcro ourselves together.” Or maybe something shorter and catchier like “we’re happy, so mind your own damn business.”
  12. We’ve been through hell and back, so a status seems a bit childish anyway. I think any couple who’s been through hell and back gets a free pass to just be themselves. They don’t need some special relationship status to make them feel like they’re a legitimate couple. We’ve held on through the good and the bad. How many of those who have to constantly define themselves (anyone else annoyed with the “it’s complicated” status?) actually stick it out? We always do and that’s the only status we need.
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