I Used To Party 24/7 But Then I Embraced My Inner Grandma & My Whole Life Improved

I used to be a fairly extroverted person who partied all night and slept all day, but something funny happened when I decided to take a break and learn to be chill. I’ve completely taken on the cat-lady/grandma persona and I have to admit that I’m really starting to like it.

  1. I’m way more physically active. Staying in at night means I’m more energized during the day. I go on picnics, hike, and explore the city. It’s a beautiful thing to wake up at 9 a.m. on the weekend and feel ready to take on the day. As an added bonus, my stories now center around true adventures (like the time I fell into a creek) rather than hazy drunken memories from the night before.
  2. I save a lot of money. Dinners, gas, Uber rides, and overpriced drinks really add up, as does that Seamless order that inevitably comes with a hangover. In all honesty, I’m realizing I don’t even like drinking that much. If I go out for happy hour, I’m only drinking so that I’m not pissing off the bartender by being a freeloader. I’m essentially going out to socialize but the bar and restaurant environment requires spending money. Entertaining at home is so much cheaper.
  3. I appreciate the times I do go out more. Being an old cat lady doesn’t mean that I never go out. I still go out for dinner and drinks a few times a month, but these nights are now more of an event. I dress up, pick slightly nicer bars or restaurants because I can afford it when I’m not doing it all of the time, and enjoy being “out on the town.” My night ends earlier than it used to because I just love “stumbling on home to my cat”—or, in my case, my catless sanctuary.
  4. I feel calmer. I suffer from pretty bad anxiety. As a result, I used to spend much of my time at home nervously twiddling my fingers, feeling like I should be out doing something. I spent so much time trying to make plans to fill my weekends. When people would flake and plans were canceled, I got so upset. Now it just means I have more time to relax.
  5. I’m more productive. A well-rested body means I have more energy. I’m also more motivated to do things like cleaning and laundry because it keeps my safe place nice and peaceful. When I was always out and about, I just wanted to crash when I got home. Now I’m ready to knock out all my errands like a full-on adult. Thanks to a well-rested mind, I’m also more creative, which allows me to do the things I love more often, like writing and crafting.
  6. I found a love for entertaining. Being a homebody doesn’t mean I’m antisocial or a total introvert. I love having friends over. After all, some of my favorite things to do with friends are playing board games and sharing secrets over a bottle of wine. Neither of these require leaving the house. Coincidence? To make things extra cozy, I always tell my friends to bring comfy clothes in case they want to change. A true grandma move.
  7. I’m a lot healthier. In addition to drinking less and sleeping more, I’m cooking the majority of my meals at home. Before, I “didn’t have time” to prepare meals so I was always resorting to eating frozen food or getting take-out. Now, I’m getting really good at cooking, and it’s quickly becoming a passion of mine.
  8. I appreciate the little things in life. I’ve turned my home into an oasis. Thanks to the Danish concept of Hygge, I’ve come to savor the simple things like a freshly cleaned living room, the smell of new candles, fuzzy socks, and sipping tea in my bathrobe. I take pride in my space and cherish self-care.
  9. It means I’ve grown as a person. I used to have such bad FOMO and feel the need to go out every night. In reality, I was probably just filling an emotional void. I was also insecure and worried that if I missed something, my friends would bond without me and I’d be kicked to the curb. Silly, right? Being OK staying in means I’m confident in myself and secure in my friendships. I’m well on my way to self-improvement.
  10. It prevents me from settling. I’m enjoying my life so much right now that I’ll only sacrifice my solitude for someone truly amazing. I love being single so it’ll take some convincing to get me to even go out on a first date with someone. No Tinder swiping or one night stands for me. That would require me to change out of my Snuggie and that just isn’t going to happen.
Danielle is a world-traveler based in San Diego, California. She loves hiking, yoga, classic movies, and sharing her adventures on her blog shepowersthrough.com