Pepsi’s New Pineapple Flavor Brings The Tropics To Your Usual Cola

Adding fruit flavors to standard cola isn’t exactly a new thing — we’ve been able to get versions of Pepsi and Coca-Cola with added syrups for years, from cherry and strawberry to lime and lemon. However, Pepsi’s new pineapple flavor brings a bit of a tropical vibe to the classic soda and frankly, it’s coming out just in time for summer.

Pineapple is pretty big this summer. I mean, I get it because it’s a classic summer fruit, but EVERYONE is incorporating it into their products. Home Depot is selling pineapple plants, Target is selling pineapple cooler fanny packs, Snapple and Taco Bell have their own pineapple drinks… you get the point. It’s not exactly surprising that Pepsi would jump on board here, but it is pretty great.

Japan has had pineapple Pepsi for a while now. Their version came out back in 2019 and has proven to be really popular with consumers. Our version might be a bit different since it’s described as Pepsi “with a splash of pineapple juice,” so maybe you can hunt down some of the overseas version to do a comparison test? Not a bad idea!

Pineapple Pepsi is just starting to hit shelves. A few Instagrammers including @theimpulsivebuy have managed to spot the 12-packs on shelves at their local Walmart, but given that this is an extremely new release, it might take a while for the flavor to roll out nationwide and at other retailers (if it ever does go to other retailers). Pepsi hasn’t given any specific dates, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled.

Hopefully this flavor is permanent. Last year, Pepsi released mango, berry, and lime flavors, all of which are pretty tasty. Pineapple was a great addition to the line and could very well be permanent rather than seasonal or limited-edition. Either way, I wouldn’t take any chances – when you see it, grab it!

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