Pillsbury Is Bringing Out Gingerbread Cookie Dough That You Can Eat Straight From The Package

Pillsbury Is Bringing Out Gingerbread Cookie Dough That You Can Eat Straight From The Package Pillsbury

It’s never too early to start getting excited for the holiday season in my book, and especially not this year. The first half of 2020 has been absolute crap, so I’m all about looking forward to Christmas because I need all the positivity I can get. Pillsbury is on board with that plan, as they’ve just announced they’ll be selling gingerbread cookie dough this year, making getting our Christmas cookie fix even easier.

  1. Making gingerbread can be pretty time-consuming. Not to mention that it’s not always easy to get the right texture on your bake. Pillsbury’s ready-made gingerbread cookie dough is basically a no-brainer and pretty much guarantees you’ll get perfect cookies every time, which is the best news ever.
  2. You don’t even have to bake it if you don’t want! Part of the fun of baking cookies is eating the dough before it even goes into the oven. I’ve literally had recipes meant to make a dozen cookies make eight because I’ve been picking at the dough that much. If you’re someone who worries about salmonella from eating raw eggs, you’ll be pleased to know that Pillsbury has made their gingerbread cookie dough totally safe to eat raw. Sweet!
  3. You can use your own cookie cutters! While you can easily cut the dough straight from the roll and make round cookies, you can also roll it out a little and use your holiday cookie cutters to make fun shapes. Get creative with it! Imagine adorable little gingerbread reindeer or Santas! It’s too cute to think about.
  4. It’s not available in stores just yet. Of course, July is a little bit early to be looking for Christmas cookies so you won’t be able to find this on store shelves yet. However, give it a couple of months and no doubt they’ll be everywhere and the Christmas cookie joy will commence!
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