This Pineapple Pool Float Will Make Every Day Feel Like A Tropical Vacation

Warmer weather isn’t far away, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to spend basically every single day either by the pool or at the beach. Between sunbathing and drinking, it’s all about chilling on the water, which is why you need this pineapple pool float* to lounge around on all summer long.

It’s absolutely gigantic. One of the best things about this pool float, besides the fact that it’s shaped like a pineapple, is that it’s huge — 76″ long, in fact. That means that if you’re tall like me, you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of your legs hanging over the end or not being able to get comfortable.

Blowing it up doesn’t take long. The float, which is made out of super durable vinyl, has special valves that allow it to inflate and deflate 5x faster than most other inflatables. Thank GOD! That means as soon as it arrives at your door, you can hurry up and get floating around your pool on a plump little pineapple in no time.

You can take it with you anywhere! For instance, one reviewer mentioned she packed hers in her suitcase to take on a vacation with her to Hawaii! Even if you’re not going somewhere quite so good, you can still take this with you to the beach, the lake, or anywhere else you might like to float around on a body of water. With a sheet thrown over it you could even lie on it on the sand to tan on!

Who doesn’t love pineapples? Novelty pool floats are a dime a dozen, but pineapples are bright, tropical, and basically the perfect symbol for summer. What’s not to love about them? It’s impossible not to be happy when you see something so fun.

Orders yours on Amazon before they sell out! You can have your very own pineapple pool float for $21.99 on Amazon, plus it’s on Prime, which means you can get it much faster (and with free shipping) if you use the service. Order yours HERE.

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