How To Play Hard To Get & Actually Get The Guy

Playing hard to get is supposed to be the surefire way to land your crush. Of course, that’s BS, because if you act like you have no interest in a man, he’s going to find someone who does. That’s why you have to alter your approach. You can still play hard to get, but you also need to be flirty and actually follow through in the end if you actually want to get the guy.

Tell him you’re busy, but suggest a rain check. If you turn him down once, it could crush his ego. That’s why you have to give him a little hope, even when you want to seem hard to get. That way, he won’t give up on you and move on to the next girl.

Lean in close, but don’t touch him. If you want to tease him, lean in so close that your lips are almost touching, but don’t kiss him. The mixture of anticipation and sexual frustration will drive him crazy. He’ll be dying to put his hands on you.

Don’t answer texts ASAP, but do answer. If you refuse to answer his messages, why would he continue chasing you? Ignoring him will trick him into thinking you want him to leave you alone. That’s why you should wait a while to text him back—just don’t forget to actually do it.

Don’t tell him your life story, but tell him a little. You can try to act mysterious by revealing a tiny bit about yourself at a time. However, you shouldn’t keep quiet when he’s trying to have a conversation with you. If he asks you a question, answer him. Don’t be rude.

Don’t tell him how you feel, but do hint at it. If you’re trying to play hard to get, you don’t want to tell your crush how badly you want to marry him — at least not right away. However, you should show a little interest. Give him flirty smiles and engage in playful banter. It’ll encourage him to chase after you.

Tell him something about your weekend, but not everything. If he asks you what you did last Friday night, you can make it sound more exciting than it actually was. That way, he’ll think that you’re a busy woman with tons of friends.

Mention your guy friends, but make it clear you’re not dating them. A little jealousy never hurt anyone. If he sees that you have a group of guy friends, he’ll realize that your options are open. Just make sure that he knows your single, because you don’t want him to mistake one of your male buddies for your boyfriend.

Don’t have sex, but give him a kiss. The best way to make him suffer is to withhold sex. Of course, if you do that, you’re both going to be sexually frustrated. That’s why you should at least give him a kiss or two. A makeout session wouldn’t hurt, either.

Don’t appear needy, but appreciate his help. Men prefer independent women, so don’t be afraid to drive yourself to dates and pay for your own meals. However, if your car breaks down and he offers to change the tire for you, don’t turn him down. Give him the opportunity to feel useful.

Don’t rush into a relationship, but don’t hold off on one. You don’t want your life to move so quickly that you miss the chance to enjoy it. That’s why you should let your relationship move at a comfortable pace. Don’t move too fast or too slow. Do whatever feels right.

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