Guy Uses PowerPoint To Convince A Woman To Date Him & It Totally Worked

I know some guys feel like being creative about showing their interest in girls is super cute and romantic, but it can also be seriously cringeworthy. Thankfully, that wasn’t quite the case with Berner Moreno, who made a full-on PowerPoint presentation to let Nicole Harris know he was into her. Points for creativity!

They’d known each other since high school. Well, sort of. They knew of each other since they went to the same Arizona high school, but they didn’t really talk or hang in the same circles then. When they ended up at the same college and were introduced properly by a mutual friend, they seemed to hit it off.

Moreno thought Harris was “a cutie.” Even still, their relationship was always platonic… until he decided to make a move. According to UNILAD, Moreno told Haris that she was “going to be [his] girlfriend” and when she jokingly responded that she needed to see some “data as to why [they] should be together.” So that’s exactly what he did.

He gave the PowerPoint presentation in front of a group of their friends. As Moreno explained, “At that time I was in a public speaking class, and I learned that if you want to persuade people you need to have data and logistics. I was so nervous about it all.”

His data was somewhat questionable. Moreno’s presentation included their compatibility according to their zodiac signs as well as including a list of all the qualities he had that made him good boyfriend material. He also showed his sense of humor by putting in some fictional data about the success rate of couples who started dating via PowerPoint presentation.

Thankfully, someone thought to record it. Max Gaylen shared the video of the presentation to his Instagram and TikTok accounts, and it’s received thousands upon thousands of likes and shares by people who appreciate Moreno’s unique attempts at wooing.

So, did it work? You’ll be glad to know it did—Moreno and Harris have been together for 10 months now and seem really happy together! Who says Microsoft Powerpoint is outdated and totally worthless?

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