‘Rainbow’ Succulents Add A Burst Of Beautiful Color To Your Plant Collection

Just when you thought your plant collection is big enough, I have news for you: it’s not. It’s lacking a rainbow succulent with its beautiful burst of color that will make an excellent addition to your garden or even anywhere inside your home. How can you resist those incredible leaves? Seriously, every time I think I’ve discovered every succulent out there, another comes along that blows my mind.

Rainbow succulents are pretty magical. They’re called rainbow succulents particularly because they change color according to the season. Not only that, but they bloom green and then turn to pink, with the leaves fading gradually to lend a multicolor hue as the process takes place.

They’re different for everyone. Rainbow succulents don’t follow a particular color pattern, meaning they change and take on different colors at different times and at different rates. World of Succulents say that this variation of Echevaria is a variegated form of Echeveria “Perle Von Nurnberg.” Wherever it comes from, it’s incredible.

Like most succulents, it’s really easy to look after. All you really need to worry about is ensuring that your rainbow succulent (or any other succulent variety, for that matter) doesn’t sit in water since that can encourage fungal diseases and rot. Also, ensure that you remove any dead leaves since they attract mealy bugs. Finally, make sure it gets plenty of light and it should be just fine!

You can grow your own easily. If you want to grow your own rainbow succulents, NorthernGardensUS on Etsy sells a packet of 10 seeds for $8.60, which is a total bargain. Alternately, you might want to check your local plant shop or garden center to see if they have any already grown plants up for sale to speed the process up a bit. They’ll definitely be well-worth seeking out.

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