The Realities Of Being Single That You Wish Your Coupled Friends Understood

The Realities Of Being Single That You Wish Your Coupled Friends Understood ©iStock/filadendron

Aside from the normal rants single women have about why not being in a relationship really sucks sometimes, there are a few things our coupled friends fail to remember about what it’s like to roll solo. Sure, being in a relationship comes with its own unique challenges, and we understand that, but so does being completely alone and handling all of life’s day-to-day challenges. We just wish our friends would be a bit more understanding about our real struggles and try to remember what it was like before they had someone.

  1. Being alone can be legit scary sometimes. Whether it’s driving alone at night or walking down the street by ourselves, being alone can be scary as hell. The mentality we have is different because we don’t have a man waiting at home for us, or one we can call when we feel like we’re being followed home. We have no knight in shining armor ready to swoop in and save the day or comfort us when we’ve encountered something scary. We know you do things alone sometimes, too, but you have the comfort of knowing that your man is a simple phone call away and will be there to comfort you after something scary happens. We face the aftermath alone.
  2. We have to be our own heroes, and it’s exhausting. Whether it’s an emergency car repair, an unexpected pet emergency, or forgetting our wallets at home, we have no second set of hands or income to help us pick up the pieces if we face a hiccup. We’ve got to handle everything on our own and rescue ourselves, and it gets very tiring.
  3. Surviving life on a single income is a lot harder than you think. Sure, we know that the cost of two people is more than one, but sharing the cost of living versus handling the financial weight all on your own is a hard act to balance. If we lose our jobs, we don’t have someone to fall back on, so our life hustle is that much harder and stronger. We literally have no room for error, and it can be pretty unsettling at times.
  4. We have to hire extra help when we need it, and that means more money. When we want a new piece of furniture or have to fix a broken appliance, there’s no free handy man in our lives to pick up the manly work, so we hire someone else to help us in things we can’t do ourselves. More bills — just what we need.
  5. Not having a travel companion really sucks. We want to travel the world just as much as everyone else, but as we get older and more of our friends couple up, our options become extremely limited. We really wish we had someone we could plan those exciting trips with, but we don’t. Planning travel excursions requires a lot more effort and consideration of our personal safety depending on where we want to go
  6. When we’re sick, no one takes care of us. If we catch a horrible flu bug or are recovering from dental surgery, we pretty much have to handle it completely on our own. Sure, it’s great to have amazing friends who’ll be there for you in desperate times, but for common colds and non-life threatening issues, so we have to handle that crap by our damn selves. Still, we envy you for having the ability to call and ask someone to bring you medicine and soup on their way home from work. We have to drag our asses to the store in our plague states to seek relief.
  7. The older you get, the harder it is. The older we get, the harder it gets to be single. We know our coupled friends have been single before, but the more adulthood takes over, the harder it is to maintain a balanced life with no one but yourself to depend on. We just want our friends to show a little bit of compassion sometimes instead of brushing off the struggle.