The Realities Of Sex For Long-Term Couples

The Realities Of Sex For Long-Term Couples ©iStock/SolStock

When you’re in a new relationship, the sex can be mind-blowing. Not only do you connect on a deep and intimate level, but you’re so attracted to each other that all you could stay in bed for days (and sometimes you do). Once you’re well out of the honeymoon stage, things between the sheets take different turn. Sex for long-term couples is still amazing, but it’s a lot different than the early days.

  1. Period sex happens all the time. Sorry, but we’re not taking a week long break from sex every month. We put a towel down on the bed or we opt for sex in the shower. The best part is, we never need any lube!
  2. When there’s pain, you have to stop. Sometimes, there’s unexplained pain going on when he pushes into you or when you’re in one of your adventurous phases, and it can be so bad that you can’t finish while having sex. Luckily, you’re both pros with your hands.
  3. You’re used to laughing. After you’ve been having sex with the same person for a while, jokes run rampant before, during and after sex. And let’s not forget about tickle fights!
  4. The cat stares at you. For some reason, animals are intensely interested in watching you have sex. The only solution is to boot them out of the room. Or just let them watch (hey, they’re probably never going to get any action).
  5. Sometimes noises come from down there.Let’s face it, if he’s doing you doggy and pulls all the way out and goes back in, air is going to get all up in your business. And there’s only one way for it to come out (translation: queef). The best part is, he doesn’t really care when it does. In fact, he promotes it. It feels better for him when you’re cleared out.
  6. You don’t care about bodily fluids.While period sex gets a category of its own, other fluids are bound to turn up during sexy time. If he comes inside of you, it’s going to drip out after. Plus, sometimes you’re just way wetter than normal.
  7. You talk about your orgasms after having them.Coming can be completely out of this world, or it can be meh. Either way, you and your partner talk about your orgasms after and why they were either awesome, weird, or somewhere in the middle.
  8. He seductively tries to pull down your skinny jeans, only to find he can’t get them off. This often leads to laughing and him giving up and laying on the bed. Luckily, you’re an expert at extracting your ankles from the trappings of your jeans.
  9. You get pubes in your mouth. Just like the hair on your head, the hair down there falls out. And if you’re licking around, you’re bound to grab a few.
  10. You NEVER have sex between the sheets.Let’s be real — it’s too damn hot. It seems like a good idea at first, but soon your partner is flinging the covers off as you try to dislodge your foot from the heavy duvet.
  11. You’re great at sex with each other. Despite what anyone says, a healthy sex life in a long-term relationship is magical. We’re truly invested in how our partners feel. We’re so in love with the other person that we want them to orgasm more than we want ourselves to, and that love and patience make for great sex.
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