I Refuse To Be A Doormat, So Wipe Your BS Somewhere Else

I Refuse To Be A Doormat, So Wipe Your BS Somewhere Else ©iStock/gpointstudio

I’m sorry if you mistook me as a woman who would put up with your BS and accept bad behavior from you without standing up for myself, but you’re seriously delusional. I’m not about to keep my mouth shut or pretend that it doesn’t upset me when you do or say something that makes me feel worthless. I’m a great catch of a woman and you should be lucky to have me in your life.

  1. I’m not your punching bag. I won’t tolerate being treated like crap for something that has nothing to do with me. I should be the bright spot in your day that you look forward to and the one who takes your mind off of all the negative things going on. I refuse to let you take your frustrations out on me — take that BS somewhere else.
  2. Deal with your issues like a grown man. You’re a grown adult and as such, you should be dealing with your stress and anger in a better way. Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but you need to learn how to handle it better. If you act like a douche, apologize and explain yourself. I’m not in your life to take the weight of your frustrations, but I would be there to support you if you handled things maturely, so grow the hell up.
  3. You have no right to treat anyone this way. It’s completely unfair and selfish to behave the way you have — I don’t deserve any of it. I’ve never done anything to hurt you or to drag you down, so why are you unloading onto me? If this is how you expect things to be, I’m probably not the woman for you, and in all honesty, I feel sorry for the woman who’d be willing to put up with your crap.
  4. I have the confidence in myself to know better. Unlike the women of your past who probably stayed with you far longer than you deserved, I won’t stick around to be pushed around and put down any further. I know better than to be with any guy who doesn’t make me feel anything less than amazing. I’m confident enough to know that putting up with what you have to offer isn’t as good as it’s going to get for me — I deserve better.
  5. Sorry not sorry that I stood up for myself against you. You think that blatantly calling you out for the way you’ve treated me makes me a crazy bitch, but you’re the one who’s truly psycho. Where I come from, real men don’t want a defenseless woman who allows themselves to be treated like dirt — they want real and strong women who will keep them in check. If you’re still looking for someone weaker than you to dominate, it’s clear that you’re not close to my level.
  6. Smart women don’t accept mistreatment. I’m intelligent, which is why I know better than to put up with this BS. I’ve lived and learned too many lessons of my own before you than to let history repeat itself. Those douchebags are behind me for a reason, and now you will be too — I’m meant for someone far better than you.
  7. I’d rather be alone than with a jerk like you. Believe me when I say I won’t be fazed by walking a clear path straight out of your life. I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life than to spend another waking moment being treated like crap by you. Even if it means braving life completely on my own for the rest of my waking days, it will be blissfully better than spending another moment being treated like I’m nothing.
  8. I deserve better, so I’m going to find better. BYE! You had a really great chance with me and it’s too bad that you couldn’t man up and rise to the occasion of dating me and treating me like a decent human being, but I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t be anyone’s doormat, so take your BS and wipe it somewhere else.