17 Relationship Milestones That Bring You Even Closer As A Couple

The beauty of relationships is having someone to share special moments and experiences with, going through all of the ups and downs together, and knowing that they’re there for you through thick and thin. Every obstacle that you overcome with that person brings you two closer together and there is an infinite list of milestones, but here are 19 of them that will really take your relationship to the next level.

The first time he meets your parents.

Some people want to introduce their significant other to their parents immediately, and some wait until the day they get married. Whenever that time is, it’s a big step. Though you may say that you don’t care about your parents’ approval, deep down, you know you do.

The first time he meets your sibling(s).

Siblings can be your significant other’s best friend or worst enemy. Depending on the closeness between you and your brothers/sisters, their opinion can either make or the break the relationship.

The first time he meets your friends.

Right alongside siblings, getting in with the friends is also no easy task. Not only do you want to make sure that your friends like him, you are also hoping that he likes your friends. The last thing you want is having to decide between him or them.

The first big family gathering he attends.

Once they’ve made it past meeting the immediate family, then there’s the extended family. Once you bring them around to the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, then it’s all out in the open.

The first really big fight.

Every couple gets into fights — they’re inevitable and completely normal. After the honeymoon phase is when the real work begins. Getting past the first really big fight is quite an accomplishment. It’s easy to call it quits when times get rough, but moving past your issues is how you grow as a couple.

The first time he sees you without makeup on.

There’s a certain threshold that you eventually cross and that threshold is the level of comfort you have with one another. Once you’ve let him see you without makeup, you’ll know he’s with you for you and not your looks.

The first time one of you farts in front of the other.

Yes, it’s a bit of an embarrassing topic, but sometimes you accidentally let one rip. We’re only human and sometimes those bodily functions are untamable. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty big milestone.

The first time you get sick and he’s there to take care of you.

One of the vows you make when you get married is being with that person in sickness and in health. Even if you’re nowhere near married, you know that he really cares about you if he’s there to bring you soup and trashy magazines in your most sickly state.

The first time you spend the night together.

“Spending the night” is a fluid term, but regardless of whether or not you’ve hooked up, spending the night together for the first time is a big deal. Sleeping in the same bed with someone is an intimate act, so don’t take it lightly.

The first time you travel together.

Traveling with people can be tricky. It can be unpredictable and get pretty stressful, if the person you’re traveling with isn’t great at it. The first time you travel with your guy is a huge test and can be a strong indicator of your tolerance for one another.

When you move in together.

In our day and age, not all couples are moving in together as a precursor to marriage. Some couples move in together without even thinking about long-term plans. Whatever your situation, living together takes your relationship to a whole new level. You’re exposed in all ways and so is the other person. This is when you really get to know each other, for better or worse.

The first time one of you says, “I love you.”

 Call me old school, but “I love you” isn’t a term that you should throw around to just anyone. There’s so much more meaning behind it, and you don’t know how much meaning the person on the receiving end attaches to it. Once you say those three words, you’ve said it all.

The first wedding you attend together.

Going to a wedding together can plant a lot of seeds in your mind and in his. It makes you think about your future with your significant other and it can change the way that both of you view the relationship.

The first time you experience a death together.

Just by being together, you’re celebrating life because you’re sharing your life with someone else. However, there’s nothing more difficult than grieving death. Experiencing a death together puts you at your most vulnerable and it’s something that can also bring you closer together as a couple.

The day you get engaged.

Getting engaged is almost like the icing on the (figurative) cake. When your significant other proposes, he’s choosing you to be with you for the rest of his life, and when you say yes, you’re making that same decision. That’s major.

The day you get married.

The day that you’ve been counting down to has finally arrived, and this day changes your life forever. Getting married is almost like a rebirth of a couple because it’s a whole new journey that is only just beginning.

The day you have kids.

Having children together and becoming a parent is a commitment even larger than just getting married because you are devoting your lives to a whole other human life and choosing to raise this human life together. You are both putting that child’s life ahead of yours and it’s one of the biggest milestones achieved between any couple.

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