My Relationship With Myself Is The Only One I Need

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a boyfriend or girlfriend. At this point, though, I’ve been single for a long time so I’ve gotten accustomed to being my own lover. Just like a relationship with another person, my relationship with myself has its ups and downs. On the whole, though, I’m a pretty great girlfriend!

  1. I’m a fabulous cook. Whether my meals are a simple frozen package or a whole Italian spread, I know exactly what hits the spot for me. If I had a partner, they might try to be sweet and surprise me when I don’t actually feel like eating what they bought. At least now I can spoil myself with whatever food my heart desires.
  2. The sex is great. I mean, who knows my body better than me?! I know just how to please myself. When left in the hands of most men, I’m not fulfilled. But, in my own hands, I know all the right spots and speeds.
  3. I know exactly what to get myself as gifts. Having a bad day? I’ll get Pusheen the cat stickers, new paint pens, or a Buddhist book. I know exactly what my taste is and what I need. I’m pretty romantic, too, I love to treat myself!
  4. I’ve developed a signature look. The cool thing about not having a partner (that isn’t me) is that I’m the only person I have to run anything by. If I decide I want a new tattoo, which happens frequently, I just go get it. If I want to try weird new style pants that I thrifted, I just wear them. I never have to worry about what someone else will think of my choices, I get to make them on my own! Now, my friends know me as the gal who always has funky colored pastel hair and an eclectic wardrobe.
  5. I regularly piss myself off. Just like any other relationship, I regularly get mad at myself. I make a stupid decision or forget to do something, then I’m blowing steam. I’m calling myself names, stomping my feet, and pouting. I’m never mad for too long, though, since I’ve learned self-forgiveness.
  6. I talk to myself. I heard that talking to yourself is a sign of genius! Okay, maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I can commonly be found talking to myself. When I’m writing, I’m constantly muttering words out loud. Also, when I’m running around my apartment cleaning and doing other tasks, I’m usually talking to myself. Who needs a relationship when I’ve got myself to talk to?!
  7. Laughter riddles my life. I’m always laughing. Not only am I talking to myself, but I can easily laugh to myself when no one else is around. I love laughing! I’m known for my silly belly laughter. A partner would be cool, but at least in the meantime, I make great company.
  8. I have mood swings. I suppose this would be the same if I was with a romantic partner, but I have to deal with them. My mood swings are hard to deal with, but since it’s only me and me, I have no choice. One minute I can be totally joyous and then the other I’m frustrated and pouty. I maybe could blame my bipolar diagnosis or PMS, but we all have mood swings.
  9. I get to choose how to spend my time. Maybe if I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend they’d want to do certain things like go to a batting cage or bowling or something. I’d rather be writing or watching Shameless! The benefit of being in a relationship with myself is that whatever I want to do, I do. I say no to experiences I really don’t want to do and I spend all of my time doing things I do want to do. I’m pretty spoiled!
  10. I deal with my problems in my own time. Have you ever been in a relationship where a partner points out an issue of yours and wants you to deal with it? I know I have! Partners in the past have called me stubborn and hard-headed. A huge benefit of being alone is that I’m dealing with my problems in my own time and in my own way. They’re also not affecting anyone else too strongly. This may also be problematic though because, without external pressure to deal with an issue, I may not deal with it.
  11. I rely on friends when I need external validation. I’m not perfect, I can’t just rely on myself for telling me how beautiful and lovable I am all the time. I need to rope in my friends to remind me when I forget or just need an external pick-me-up. This is great and all, but it also can get lonely, especially when my friends have partners of their own.
  12. I can hit on and think about whoever I want! Because I’m single and just in a relationship with me, I can google over whoever I want. I can also talk to exes or flirt with friends. There are only limits when I decide so, otherwise, I’m free to do whatever the heck I want. This freedom can be great because I can flirt with multiple people in one day!
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at